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Charismo Dropper – An elixir of beauty in every drop

The Charismo Dropper bottle from Quadpack is the ideal solution for controlled application

Application control and efficiency in a recyclable bottle.

Charismo Droppers dropper bottles from the international manufacturer and supplier of packaging for beauty products Quadpack are an optimal packaging solution for formulas that require precise dosing, while reducing the risk of skin contact and product contamination.

Available in 10 and 30 ml versions, Charismo Droppers bottles are made of glass, an indefinitely recyclable material that can be easily separated from its pipette thanks to its screw neck. Both vials are perfect for low viscosity formulas, such as serums, oils, essences and light emulsions. The 10 ml version is ideal for eye and lip care, as well as for samples and travel formats. The 30 ml bottle is a classic packaging for standard skin care and makeup products.

Charismo Droppers models are part of the Charismo range, which also offers 50ml and 100ml perfume bottles, an ideal complement for brands that want to diversify their product family. The square design gives the packaging a modern and professional touch and its smooth surface allows for many possibilities for decoration.

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