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Friday August 12th, 2022
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An iconic lipstick at the heart of the 4th competition of the "Allmazing" platform


The fourth edition of the competition organized by the online platform "Allmazing" created 2 years ago by Katia De Martino, Ceo of the company Essentia Beauty, has just ended. A competition which this year had for theme: "Create a new iconic lipstick". Chloé Vincent, Emma Rochedix, Clémence Cornaert, all three students at the French school Esepac, as well as Rezziero di Maio from the Italian design school ISIA di Faenzah, were respectively awarded.

“Allmazing” was born from the intuition of Katia De Martino, Italian-French entrepreneur, convinced of the potential of crowdsourcing as a source of inspiration, sharing and involvement of young designers. “The creation of the“ Allmazing ”platform is in line with our desire to bring ever more creative added value to our clients”, explains Katia de Martino CEO of Essentia Beauty, a company with 20 years of experience in development and the manufacture of private label cosmetics. “Allmazing” organizes design contests mandated today by Essentia Beauty but also open to its customers. The goal ? Bring out new talents at the origin of innovative projects in the field of fashion, beauty and design. Each contest, launched on the web, takes the form of an event relayed in the press and on social networks.
Here, the blogosphere takes power by getting involved in the election of the best projects. An exciting adventure, at the heart of creation, where sharing dominates.

Create an innovative lipstick!

This fourth edition of the “Allmazing” competition, which was open to all creative people, aimed to create an innovative lipstick in terms of design or body language. Participants were first asked to perform a market analysis by considering past achievements and future trends. It should be noted that, given the complexity of the evaluation of the various projects, it is Philippe Bonneyrat, packaging engineer experienced in the beauty sector, who intervened to evaluate the technical aspects of the projects in order to validate not only the aesthetics, but also the functionality and feasibility of the projects. The jury was composed this year of Sara Ravella, Executive Coach (ex-Director of communication at L'Oréal), Jean-Marie Martin-Hattemberg, Expert at the Court of Appeal of Versailles, member of the International Perfume bottle (Association in the United States) and the Société Française des Parfumeurs, Vincent Gallon, Editor of the Premium Beauty News website, and Katia de Martino, CEO of Essentia Beauty.

Award-winning projects:

• "Paradise Bird" by Chloé Vincent, who came first for her very creative proposal in terms of design and use,

• “Totem” by Rezziero di Maio from the Italian School of Design ISIA di Faenzah who also proposed a very innovative design that combines several products.

• “Click & Go” by Emma Rochedix, tied with “Click & Powder” by Clémence Cornaert, both providing functional innovation, all three from the Esepac School,

• “Totem” by Rezziero di Maio from the Italian School of Design ISIA di Faenzah who also proposed a very innovative design that combines several products.

Note that the winner received a check for € 2,000 and the other three a check for € 500.
“Membership of this fourth edition of the“ Allmazing ”competition was very positive, and the projects received expressed creative capacities and interesting and diversified innovations in terms of design, functionality and gestures”, wanted to highlight Katia de Martino.

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