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Friday, July 1, 2022
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A solution to the shortage of Raw Materials: Impact+ a Cosmetic Valley tool


In order to respond to the shortage of raw materials, Cosmetic Valley makes the IMPACT+ platform available to the sector in a free and exceptional way throughout the duration of the situation in Ukraine.

At the initiative of the Cosmetic Valley, the IMPACT+ Platform provides a response to manufacturers facing identical problems of supply, storage, waste and wishing to source sustainably by limiting ecological and economic impacts.

IMPACT+ makes it possible to work collectively on the optimization of material flows and the reduction of waste by relying on a specifically dedicated tool.

The objectives are multiple:

  • Optimize company inventory rotation;
  • Propose an alternative solution to minimum orders and massive purchases
  • Reduce storage value and remedy the destruction of unused cosmetic raw materials
  • Stock up quickly in case of out of stock or too long supply times

It will allow manufacturers to inform about the availability of their unused stocks of raw materials and packaging items in order to offer them to their colleagues and conversely to consult existing stocks to stock up in small quantities.

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