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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Unique and efficient: success of the Cosmed purchasing group

An enthusiastic team of 19 major buyers from the cosmetics sector met this Thursday, July 7, 2022, at the Pharma&Beauty Group plant in Saint Chamas (13), to discuss issues related to tensions on the raw materials market and find solutions to the volatility of energy prices, raw materials and packaging articles...

The Cosmed purchasing group is the only purchasing group in the cosmetics sector. It allows the 1,000 member companies to optimize their purchases and in particular:

– Facilitate their sourcing via a catalog of 65 referenced suppliers;

– To benefit from commercial conditions equivalent to those of large groups;

– To manage the overstocks of raw materials and packaging items.

Through this HACosmed group, buyers also enrich their purchasing practices, by having access to:

– tools for monitoring prices and indices of materials and energies (webinars, Cosmed TV, publication of indices, etc.);

– to communities of buyers via the buyers' club on LinkedIn.

For all its actions, the HACosmed Group was rewarded in 2019 with the gold trophy "Purchasing Decision". This prize, which is national in scope, was awarded by a jury composed of 16 purchasing directors from major private and public companies.

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