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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Waam Cosmetics raises €5 million and launches a new range of powdered products

WAAM Cosmetics offers an innovative and transparent approach to beauty, valuing natural ingredients, to be used alone or assembled in recipes that the brand shares on its e-shop. It has just raised 5 mc from We Positive Invest 2, the new impact fund launched by Arkéa Capital a few weeks ago, and Karot Capital, an early stage investment specialist. This fundraising aims to accelerate the company's development, as it launches Magic Powders, a new range of powdered hygiene products.

Created in 2016 by Dieynaba Ndoye, WAAM Cosmetics, contraction of "we are all métis" is the cosmetics specialist DiY (do-it-yourself), based on a multicultural, sober and transparent approach to beauty at the antipodes of the practices of the sector. By highlighting the ingredients of nature, inspired by beauty rituals from around the world, the French company has chosen to develop a range of 100% natural mono-ingredient products and neutral bases, certified organic, vegan and multi-purpose, which can be used alone or assembled in order to make your own beauty products, according to your desires, based on more than 200 recipes formulated by WAAM Cosmetics. Thus, consumers become actors of a healthy and transparent beauty routine by minimizing the environmental impact.

WAAM Cosmetics attaches great importance to the selection of its raw materials, according to very strict specifications, favoring fair trade and mainly organic products. The brand also attaches particular importance to the packaging of its products, favoring recycled and recyclable bottles and jars, made in Europe, allowing it to limit its carbon footprint.

Going further to limit the environmental footprint, WAAM Cosmetics launched on June 15 a new range of powdered products composed of 100% active ingredients of natural origin that turn into foam in contact with water (toothpaste, shower powder, shampoo and facial cleanser). Packaged in eco-designed packaging based on glass and aluminum, 100% recyclable and refillable, these active powders are developed without water. A real innovation for the cosmetics sector where water represents between 60 and 90% of the components of products available on the market, and which makes it possible to offer significantly reduced packaging compared to those of the conventional industry, thus significantly reducing the tonnages of products transported, and therefore the environmental impact.

As for the €5 million raise, this will allow WAAM Cosmetics to accelerate its development, both commercial and product. Indeed, the company has the particularity of internalizing the development of its products, packaging as well as all commercial and marketing development. WAAM Cosmetics is joining forces with two new investors, Arkea Capital and Pierre Cazaux, founder of the Dragon Rouge agency, alongside Dieynaba Ndoye and Karot Capital, its investor since 2020 who also subscribes to the operation.

Dieynaba Ndoye, CEO and founder of WAAM Cosmetics: " We are very proud to benefit from the support of Arkéa Capital through its We Positive Invest fund, which reinforces our fight for more responsible cosmetics. We work every day to imagine solutions to reduce the environmental impact of one of the world's polluting industries. Whether by systematically excluding controversial ingredients, reducing packaging and promoting its recyclability. But also by ensuring that natural resources are preserved as much as possible, as is the case with the launch of Magic Powders, our brand new range of powdered treatments that is formulated without the use of water, a vital wealth for the Planet, whose fragility is now known. This fundraising will allow us to persevere in this virtuous approach new launches are already scheduled for 2023, and to accelerate our development in France but also at ¡International in particular by strengthening the teams. »

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