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1st prize in the Corpo 35 competition

ISIPCA is in the spotlight at the Corpo 35 competition. This competition for new noses supports the art of perfumery and rewards the most virtuous perfume designers. Among the 5 winners of the competition, 4 have benefited from the quality of ISIPCA's teaching.
Just like haute couture or haute gastronomy, high-niche perfumery brings together precious know-how, powerful traditions, a few manufacturing secrets and a taste for excellence down the ages. It is to support and highlight these strong values that ISIPCA has committed itself as a partner to the Corpo 35 competition initiated by 35 rue damiette.

On June 8, La belle parfumerie celebrated the 5 new noses of the year, whose creations will be manufactured and distributed by Jovoy and 35 rue damiette perfumeries.
Chaired by Sophie Labbé, the jury awarded 5 perfume prizes, including 4 to students or graduates trained at ISIPCA.

1st prize: Anne Dussourt: After a DUT and then a bachelor's degree in chemistry, Anne continued her studies with the ISIPCA Master's in Formulation and Sensory Evaluation, which she completed in 2017. She is currently a formulation and evaluation apprentice at Nactis Flavours in Chartres.

2nd prize: Tanguy Guesnet: After a degree in chemistry, Tanguy continued his studies with the ISIPCA Master's in Formulation and Sensory Evaluation, which he completed in 2017. He is currently a Scient Technology and Innovation Fine Fragance apprentice at IFF in Neuilly.

3rd prize: Bérénice Watteau: After a bachelor's degree in chemistry, Bérénice graduated in 2017 from the ISIPCA Master Formulation et Evaluation Sensorielle. In 2017, she completed a Master 2 in international marketing for perfumery and cosmetics.

5th prize: Sabah Dihmane: Sabah attended a continuing education course at ISIPCA in 2005: olfactory analysis of perfumes. She currently works as an assistant perfumer.

The Cent Degrés communications agency rounded off the New Nose of the Year awards with two prizes, won by two ISIPCA graduates: the Poetry Prize for Axelle Frachon, and the Creativity Prize for Avana Rakotomanana.

"We love, we support. Encouraging vocations is a challenge. ISIPCA actively supports the Corpo 35 competition, in particular through our logistical and scientific expertise. Nurturing new talent is an integral part of our DNA. Developing creativity is one of the key elements of the perfume industry. It's also a skill that we develop in our students who are destined for the olfactory professions." Cécile Ecalle Montier, ISIPCA Managing Director.

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