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Coverpla accompanies Koesio fragrances   

Since the beginning of the summer, Koesio fragrances have been distinguishing themselves through a particularly distinctive customer experience. For its development, the young brand chose Coverpla, for its proximity, and for its offer of turnkey personalization. In addition, Coverpla is responsible for the industrial production of two standard refillable bottles. 

6e sens, 8e merveille, OQP, En vogue, Pacifik..., the brand's 20 fragrances are divided into four families for women, men, young men and girls: "because in adolescence, personality takes shape, moods can be fragile, tastes oscillate, arrogance masks shyness..."says Eric Moraldo, the brand's creator. 

To achieve this, Eric Moraldo has designed his eaux de parfum on the basis of redefined families (marine, gourmand, musky, powdery...). A questionnaire evoking life situations is used to identify the consumer's olfactory profile and recommend a fragrance. With this offer of a selective, refillable fragrance with identity, Koesio Parfums has adopted a clearly differentiating positioning.

Packaging by Coverpla

In the Coverpla catalog, the brand has chosen three 50-ml bottles: Vertigo, Ulysse and Venus. They are accompanied in turn by the Top Passion aluminum-capped cap, selected in black and shiny silver, then by the Galet and Gény models, both injected in Surlyn. Coverpla then supplies matching pumps and pump covers. This mix & match is then customized with various lacquers chosen by the brand.

Rechargeable or nothing

Eric Moraldo was keen to offer a refillable 100 % collection, but didn't want to compromise on packaging design. Among his choices in the Coverpla catalog, only the Vertigo model was available in refillable version. Venus and Ulysse, on the other hand, had recently been offered by Bormioli Luigi in a variety of ring types, but were not yet produced in screw-on rings. Under the impetus of the project, the Italian glassmaker switched to industrial production. Both references are now available in refillable versions. 

"Coverpla and I have put our hearts and expertise into this launch, says Eric Moraldo. It's been quite a collaboration, which I hope will continue. Thank you for your technical, industrial and human support.

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