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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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€500,000 grant granted to Global Bioenergies by the Grand Est Region


Global Bioenergies has been awarded a €500,000 grant to complete the construction of the Pomacle unit and launch marketing to cosmetics manufacturers.

Global Bioenergies – which has developed an innovative process for converting plant resources into a family of compounds used in cosmetics – announced last spring the decision to build a production unit at the Pomacle site, near Reims. The first phase of the work was launched in the summer of 2021, and will allow production to start in March 2022.

The second phase of the work will allow the unit to reach its full capacity, about 100 tons per year of isobutene, the derivatives of which will target the makeup market, the first market selected by the company due to its high prices.

The financial support of the Grand Est Region, through the granting of a grant of 500,000 euros as part of the France Recovery Plan, covers half of the second phase of construction of this industrial tool and strengthens the historical links between Global Bioenergies and the Grand Est territory. It contributes to the dynamism of the local industrial fabric through investment in innovative production tools.

Marc Delcourt, Managing Director, said: "We thank the Grand Est Region for its valuable support. Our last brand has pushed the limits of naturalness in makeup, and the upcoming launch of this new industrial tool will allow us to respond to the quest for naturalness of the major players in cosmetics. »

Samuel Dubruque, Chief Financial Officer, adds: " We are working in parallel to obtain other, larger-scale public funding: beyond cosmetics, our technology can be used for many applications in materials and fuels. In particular, the decarbonisation of air transport is part of France's list of 10 priority objectives: our process differs radically from other technical options and carries the prospect of being one of the most competitive in the world. »

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