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Congress COMET (Measurement & Testing) - 5-6 July 2022: call for abstracts

Submit your abstract and become speaker for the 4th edition of the CO.ME.T congress co-organized by the COSMETIC VALLEY competitiveness cluster and CY Cergy-Paris University

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The 4th edition of the CO.ME.T congress co-organized by the COSMETIC VALLEY competitiveness cluster and CY Cergy-Paris University is an exceptional tool for scientific communication and training.
The development of new high-performance test tools becomes an innovation challenge in cosmetic and perfumery industry in order to increase and certify the quality and performance of tomorrow's cosmetic products.
Scientific communications, plenary conferences and experimental demonstrations will explore new solutions, sources of innovation and development for players in the two sectors: measurement & cosmetics.

Submit your work before February 15th and be part of the oral presentations that will be selected from the call for abstracts.

For the dissemination of the presented studies and results, the COMET 2022 is labeled by IEEE in order to be able to publish the submitted articles in a special issue after reviewing.


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From raw materials to finished products

What are the new assessment and evaluation methods able to analyze and monitor cosmetic materials, from the raw materials to the finished product?

#delivery #bioavailability #quality #integrity #encapsulation #naturality #ecodesign #ecotoxicity #environmental impact #proof of efficacy #polymers

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Skin-product-environment interactions 

How new efficacy and safety in-vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo skin models enable detection and characterization of particles in tissues?

#microbiota #pollution #absorption #communication #environmentalmonitoring #skin barrier function #holistic approach #exposome #free radicals #UV #Experimental #analytical #non-invasive tools

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Instrumentation and sensory evaluation

From physical measurement to cognitive science, how to optimize the product at early stages, before panel tests?

#perception #product-skin interactions #sensoryanalysis, #emotion #appearance #texture #rheology #sensory metrology #neurosciences #communication brain skin

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Smart and connected beauty tools for customization

For diagnostic purposes, what are the latest AI and smart tools advances that can be adapted and developed for the cosmetics science?

#embedded sensors #digital #artificial intelligence #biometrics #virtualreality #augmentedreality #virtualdiagnosis #bigdata #IOT #Modeling #Simulation #Predictive analytics #electronic tools #at home follow-up/diagnosis/measures

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