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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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A new biosourced emollient and a duo of formulas in the trend of homemade cosmetics 

At a time when sustainability and performance of ingredients are increasingly sought after, Seppic launches Emogreen HP 40, the result of several years of research and eco-friendly innovation. The company also joins the homemade trend with Cosmetic Mixology.

Emogreen HP 40: a new generation emollient

Emogreen HP 40 is a new ingredient that expands the Emogreen range of ultra pure emollients of natural origin. Obtained by a patented process, Emogreen HP 40 is a non-polar and slightly viscous emollient. It is a new generation of emollients that offers an effective and long-lasting alternative to heavy silicones, mineral oils and other synthetic emollients. 100% plant-based and inherently biodegradable, Emogreen HP 40 offers an alternative to these controversial ingredients with a more virtuous carbon footprint.

A multifunctional ingredient, Emogreen HP 40 has film-forming properties with an enveloping and supple feel without a sticky effect on the skin. These coveted properties improve the effectiveness of all types of cosmetic applications: skin care, makeup, sun care, etc.

Particularly adapted to hair applications, Emogreen HP 40 offers the same sensory profile and performance as the silicones commonly used in formulas (Dimethicone/Dimethiconol, Cyclopentasiloxane/Dimethiconol) without their disadvantages such as the greasy and sticky feel. Manufacturers and consumers of this type of care product will appreciate the thermal protection* provided by Emogreen HP 40, which preserves the integrity of the keratin despite repeated thermal stress and keeps the hair healthy. Seppic's research work has highlighted other performances such as ease of combing, anti-frizz effect and volume control, thanks to the product's substantive effect on the hair fiber which smoothes the hair scales.

A multifunctional emollient that is very easy to use in formulation, Emogreen HP 40 has excellent compatibility with cosmetic ingredients and can be introduced in cold manufacturing. With this new launch, Seppic consolidates its position as a leading and innovative supplier of sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients in the demanding hair care market.

Jennifer Fryscher, emollient product manager, says, "Emogreen HP 40 meets the challenge of meeting both the performance and eco-friendly formulation requirements of a hair industry that needs to create ever more effective custom care."

A duo of robust and sensorial formulas in the trend of homemade cosmetics 

The homemade trend has seen a resurgence of interest with the pandemic, especially in cosmetics with a wellness dimension. Consumers have taken to making their own beauty recipes to take care of their skin and hair. Today, consumers are looking for transparency and simplicity, and some are reassured to know that they are consuming products that are adapted and personalized to their needs and desires.

In response, Seppic is launching a duo of Cosmetic Mixology** formulas. The marketing and innovation teams have pooled their expertise to come up with a "Blend it yourself" concept that is safe and fun for consumers. With these two frames, Seppic offers a simplified and safer customization solution for consumers who are not always aware of the risks and constraints of home cosmetic formulation.

Cosmetic Mixology includes two formulas with different sensory characteristics:

  • a cream frame to customize: a robust emulsion base combining softness and smoothness. The stability and robustness of the emulsion are ensured by a Montanov 202 emulsifier and two polymers, solagum AX & Sepimax Zen, to reinforce the formula's resistance to electrolyte-rich actives. This minimalist formula also contains Emogreen L15, an emollient for sensory comfort and Aquaxyl, an essential sugar-based moisturizing agent.
  • A gel-cream frame to customize: a solid pebble to rehydrate forming a fresh gel-cream with a light touch. The Solagum Tara & Sepimax Zen polymer couple forms a fresh, watery gel-cream and reinforces the formula's resistance to electrolyte-rich actives. Three additional ingredients were added: Emogreen L19, an emollient for sensory comfort, Sepifine BB, a texturizing agent to provide softness and Aquaxyl, an essential sugar-based moisturizing agent.

These two basic formulas can be customized with active ingredients that are easy to find at home to meet various applications (face care, hair care, body care). To ensure the robustness of the final formulas, the two frames were tested with ten active ingredients with different profiles (viscosity, pH, presence of electrolytes, solubility). Among them: lemon juice for a radiance face mask, coffee grounds for a body scrub and pomegranate vinegar for an all-in-one hair care.

In addition to responding to a current market trend, these two formulas have been designed taking into account the current needs of consumers for minimalist formulas and their requirements for high naturalness and safety for human health.

*Evaluation of the thermal protection of Emogreen HP 40 alone & in formulation by measuring the preservation of keratin by Xpolar technology (Kmax Innovative System) on healthy Caucasian hair after 50 heat treatments at 210°C.

**Cosmetic mixology = Mixologie cosmétique

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