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A new active ingredient to reduce enlarged pores.

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces Neoporyl, an active ingredient that reduces the size of dilated pores by targeting the underlying biological causes of parakeratosis, an alteration in epidermal structure, and dermal fragility. This new active ingredient is formulated by biocatalysis to be effective against dilated pores in just one week.

Beauty product consumers of all ages, genders and skin types commonly complain about enlarged pores. Perceived as a sign of premature aging, pore size has become as important a concern as fine lines and wrinkles. Such is the importance of this issue for skincare consumers that a new term has been coined to describe the fixation on pore size: "porexia".

Strongly influenced by genetics1 and environmental factors, dilated pores are caused by two main factors: parakeratosis and dermal fragility. Neoporyl effectively counteracts these two key biological causes, according to Givaudan Active Beauty.

Mathias Fleury, category manager for Active Beauty, said: "Our experts in cutaneous physiology and white biotechnology have designed Neoporyl, an innovative complex based on a biomimetic energy source and key amino acids, to address the biological phenomena of parakeratosis and cutaneous fragility. Our active ingredient is capable of limiting hyperdifferentiation of the epidermis, reducing the density of nucleated cells in the stratum corneum, restoring collagen production in the fragile dermis, and boosting the production of mature collagen and decorin."

According to Givaudan Active Beauty, clinical tests demonstrated a significant reduction in pore size in Caucasian women in just two weeks for all volunteers, regardless of age range, and with increasing efficacy over the two-month trial period, up to -24% versus placebo. Similar benefits were seen in Asian men, with a significant effect on pore size in just one week, up to 2.4 times better than placebo, with a further improvement in skin appearance.

  1. Wang S. et al - J Investig Dermatol Symp Proc. 2018;19(2):S101 -S102
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