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A new ingredient to combat unpleasant odors

Eurofragance, a Spanish fragrance house, took advantage of in-cosmetics Asia, held in Bangkok from November 7 to 9, 2023, to showcase Verdenix. This captive offers proven technical advantages, the main one being the fight against unpleasant odors. It is made from recycled materials via a natural process.

A sustainable ingredient, twice recycled

To understand Verdenix, we need to go back two years, to Eurofragance's launch of L'Âme du Bois - Eurofragance's first captive ingredient with distinct olfactory properties for fragrance creation - made by recycling Western Red Cedar sawdust, Thuja plicatawhich grows in western Canada. Eurofragance's innovation center spent three years identifying the right molecules and processes to transform wood oil into a new fragrance material with which perfumers could create.

In the process of recycling cedar wood oil into L'Âme du Bois, 60 % of the material is set aside. Eurofragance's R&D scientists decided to take a closer look at this unused fraction of the material. After an elaborate and natural treatment, the team obtained a new perfumery ingredient from the remaining liquid; this second ingredient, also upcycled, has been christened Verdenix.

Significant benefits for manufacturers, marketers and consumers.

Put to the test in real perfume creations, Verdenix was found to offer strong odor-fighting properties. Verdenix controls unpleasant odors in two complementary ways: elimination and harmonization. In contact with certain compounds known to smell, Verdenix enhances their chemical elimination. In other cases, Verdenix harmonizes olfactively with the source of the malodour to reduce its perception.

"Verdenix works on two fronts, making it effective on a broad spectrum of malodors, and it produces the desired effect at extremely low dosages. Low dosage and a naturally pleasant olfactory profile make it easy for perfumers to incorporate into their fragrance compositions, says Marina Melendo, R&D scientist and Verdenix project manager at Eurofragance. Verdenix's most promising attribute is its ability - in conjunction with other ingredients - to rapidly eliminate specific types of unpleasant odors. This is what consumers want; they want to restore a sense of purity in a situation that is unpleasant and potentially embarrassing to them."

Eurofragance has demonstrated that in just over two minutes, Verdenix renders half the malodorous molecules (of certain compounds) undetectable by GCMS analysis equipment, and that in less than six minutes, the bad odor virtually disappears. These results were corroborated by sensory tests carried out in the company's own laboratories.

Verdenix is already integrated into the fragrances that Eurofragance develops for brands promising to combat unpleasant odors. It offers a turnkey solution. The recycled ingredient is designed to deliver on its promise in any type of product application that is positioned to combat unpleasant odors; this includes personal care products (e.g., AP/Deos, soaps, shower gels...) and cleaning products (e.g., all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, dishwashing liquids...).

Innovation for sustainable development

Eurofragance has made sustainable development its guiding principle, and all the projects the company undertakes, across all departments, are considered from this angle. This also applies to Eurofragance's innovation center and project portfolio. "In the space of two years, we have introduced two exclusive ingredients, first L'Âme du Bois and now Verdenix. Both are recycled, and both are manufactured using natural processes. These are not isolated achievements: we will continue to work on eco-friendly materials and technical solutions," emphasizes Olivier Anthony, Global Director of Research and Innovation at Eurofragance.

Photo taken from www.eurofragance.com.

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