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Acti Pack expands its product range

Acti Pack, specialist for 30 years in Pet and R-Pet jars, squeezers and bottles, is present in the hygiene-beauty, food and miscellaneous product markets in Europe.

To support its customers in their choice of packaging and offer them ever more innovative solutions that meet market requirements, Acti Pack offers a wide range of standard products as well as customized packaging solutions.

Its product ranges are available as standard with closure solutions specifically adapted to consumer needs: pouring caps with or without valve, screw caps or milling caps, ... complete packaging solutions ready for filling.

Thanks to ISBM Hot Fill technology, combining machine processes and dedicated tooling for hot filling, their "Hot Fill" model, the Pet Volcano squeezer, completes the product range: available in 500ml, it is suitable for a maximum filling temperature of 90°, which may vary according to the products being packed, the packaging & cooling process and storage.

Present in most French and European supermarkets, the wide choice of standard models and numerous customized developments also enable them to support cosmetics brands in the packaging of their products.

Its standard ranges of jars, bottles and tottle bottles in Pet and RPet from 50 ml to 1000 ml are adapted to the many applications in the sector, such as shampoos, shower gels, micellar waters, washing gels, hair gels, sun care products, care creams, bath salts, etc.

These developments are carried out in partnership with Loire Plastic Industrie, a specialist in plastic injection molding, in order to offer suitable closure solutions for the creation of a perfect whole: service caps or single caps, screwed or clipped, mono or bi-color, to meet market demands.

New Pet pill dispenser models have recently been added to the range. Aimed at the parapharmacy and dietary supplement markets, the Vital 300 ml and Vitamin 250 ml pillboxes have been added to the standard range.

While the Vital 300 ml model features a standard screw ring for metal caps, the Vitamin 250 ml pill dispenser is fitted with a tamper-evident ring and a tamper-evident closure.ere opening.

The new range of Pet "Isil" bottles, meaning "discreet" in Basque, for the hygiene-beauty market.

This new development of bottles, available in Pet and RPet, is offered in collaboration with Loire Plastic Industrie, a specialist in plastic injection molding, making it possible to present a complete bottle + cap package.

The design of the new "Isil" range is discreet, with strict shoulders and a cylindrical shape. Discretion is expressed through the flat, slender collar and associated cap.

The capsule was the subject of an eco-design study in terms of size and weight, in order to achieve the most optimal "Bottle/Capsule" pairing possible, with a weight reduction of over 15% compared with our current equivalent models.

The "Isil" capsule is compatible with the Ista-6-Amazon standard and offers tamper-proofing and security when the product is opened for the first time.

Initially available in a 200 ml format, additional capacities of 150 ml to 400 ml are planned in the near future.

For many years, Acti Pack has been committed to respecting and protecting the environment, and to eco-design of its packaging.

To support its customers, Acti Pack offers alternative solutions in the use of eco-responsible materials. For example, all its ranges of standard and special Pet jars, squeezers and bottles are available in RPet recycled materials. Depending on customer requirements, the company can offer products made from 25%, 50% or 100% recycled pet material.

RPet is certified for food contact and 100% recyclable!

The company is also committed to offering lightweight solutions to its customers in order to reduce the weight of its packaging as much as possible, while retaining the properties necessary for product packaging.

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