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Saturday September 30, 2023
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Albéa, eXpackUSA and U.T.C.G cooperate on responsible tubes

Albéa announces its partnership with U.T.C.G and eXpackUSA to supply beauty and skincare brands with "made in America" tubes made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.

A global supplier of laminated and plastic tubes for the cosmetics and skincare markets, Albéa Tubes is committed to making all its tubes recyclable by 2025, thanks to a winning combination of lightweight tubes (containing less plastic), ready-to-recycle monomaterial tubes and caps, an extensive range of tubes made from PCR and bio-based resins, and groundbreaking innovations such as Greenleaf tubes and paper-based tubes.  

eXpackUSA is a renowned co-packing and manufacturing company for the cosmetics, OTC and personal care markets. eXpackUSA offers brands and manufacturers the most innovative and original solutions to their challenges. 

U.T.C.G is a privileged partner of Albéa, acting as an intermediary between the cosmetics industry and formulators, combining agility and tailor-made solutions.

To demonstrate their shared commitment to social responsibility, eXpackUSA has selected Albéa's PCR Encore coextruded tube. This innovative tube is part of the PCR platform of responsible packaging solutions, giving a second life to recycled materials and reducing carbon footprints. It is manufactured at Albéa's Reynosa plant in Mexico.

Bruno de Carvalho, head of Albéa Tubes in the Americas, said: "This partnership will accelerate the market adoption of low environmental impact circular packaging. It will help brands meet their own responsible packaging commitments, while contributing to their climate change ambitions. What's more, made-in-America manufacturing supports local jobs and communities, and enables shorter, more agile and safer supply chains."

Nimrod Weigel, CEO of eXpackUSA, adds: "eXpack's mission is to bring inspiration to every brand and manufacturer in the world by creating innovative solutions with a smaller environmental footprint. This goal can only be achieved through cooperation between players. That's why, from January 2022, eXpackUSA will offer its customers Albéa PCR tubes at no extra cost, because we believe that choosing the sustainable option shouldn't be a matter of price."

Adi Greenspan, CEO of U.T.C.G, confirms: "We are proud to be the cornerstone of this ecosystem bringing Albéa, eXpackUSA and U.T.C.G together to provide unique sustainable solutions for our customers through responsible packaging and agile sourcing."

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