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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Arcade Beauty launches "Arcade Beauty Retail"


Arcade Beauty, the world leader in beauty sample innovation for more than a century, is capitalizing on its expertise and knowledge of customer needs to create a new division, Arcade Beauty Retail. This new offer in total project management, marketing, formulation, manufacturing, packaging, packaging, delivery, is aimed at the beauty and retail segments.

Arcade Beauty Retail designs turnkey & customizable targeted solutions, produced in small or large series, in a reduced time to market. This offer focuses on a creative and bold beauty routine, respectful of the environment. The multiple packaging solutions available benefit from the group's CSR maturity. It anticipates market demand and meets the expectations of all types of customers (large groups, DNVB, Indies brands and retailers).

Successfully piloted in Europe and deployed in North America in 2022, Arcade Beauty Retail offers on the global market a catalog of product solutions and packaging innovations dedicated to skin, hair and body care. Developed worldwide in France, Europe and the United States, the formulas selected for their performance are validated and approved toxicologically In a clean beauty spirit, this range infuses naturalness in a simple and playful way. Classic, essential, ultra innovative, downright "instagrammable"... the products are the result of a successful marketing reflection and an expert analysis of market trends: water-free formulas, "home institute" trend, DIY, short list of selective ingredients.

Arcade Beauty Retail is based on an industrial network that makes it possible to produce as close as possible to the markets, in Europe, the United States, China and Brazil, allowing brands to claim local production.

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