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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Albéa partners with OmanLuxury for the creation of exceptional fragrances

OmanLuxury tells a story that can be seen, felt and smelled, with each fragrance reflecting a sense of elegance that is felt in each scent.

Omanluxury is a niche perfume brand founded in 2012. In December 2020, the brand reinvented itself to open a new chapter thanks to a new image and a sensory concept. Albéa contributed to this multi-site project by producing packaging parts for the new fragrances from OmanLuxury, Paramour and Angham.

These prestigious perfumes recently launched in the Middle East are also available in high-end specialty stores such as the Jovoy Parfums Rares boutique in Paris, France.

Albéa produced the perfume hood at its factory in Albéa Zhongshan, China, while the golden XD11 pump with its invisible dip tube comes from Tréport (now owned by Silgan).

“At each stage of the project, and up to the remarkable technical support, the collaboration with Albéa was truly exceptional. We had an absolutely wonderful experience and we appreciate the quality of the work. We are very happy to collaborate with Albéa ”, adds Muadh Al-Sinawi, Managing Director of OmanLuxury.


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