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[book] All about cosmetics

This book is the first in a series aimed at the widest possible audience, offering practical, educational content. Written by Céline Couteau and Laurence Coiffardboth cosmetology professors (Université de Nantes) and experts for the magazine Industries Cosmétiqueshave chosen humor to share their knowledge and make the most difficult chemical concepts accessible to as many people as possible.

With clear explanations, readers are introduced to galenic formulas, enabling them to make informed choices when selecting hand gel, shower products, moisturizers and baby products. In this century, when information flies in all directions, when many ingredients are wrongly singled out, when we are offered home-made recipes, the authors provide real insight based on scientific studies. They answer questions as diverse as: "Aluminum salts: what should we think about them?" or "Should we be afraid of UV filters?" or "Homemade recipes: what should we think about them?spoiler and "nothing but trouble! )

This illustrated book lists the cosmetics recommended by the authors. Looking for a deodorant? They point you in the direction of "Klorane's very gentle deodorant with white althea" or "Monoprix's organic deodorant" or "Sanex's dermo-protector stick".

136 pages
16 x 24 cm
14,90 €
ISSN : 78-2-492446-00-9

Editions 1healthmedia, collection bien-être & santé

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