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Ami Ingredients : new kit "Voyage en bord de mer" (Travel by the sea)

Ami Ingrédients offers a beautiful escape with iodized notes...
Ingredients of marine origin, refreshing textures reminiscent of water or pearly with sunny reflections are to be discovered in the heart of 9 formulas inspired by seaside vacations.

  • Cosmos gentle cleansing granite: Thanks to its composition in alginate produced in Brittany, this cleansing gel surprises by its "granite" texture which allows a light exfoliation and a cleaning gently of the face.
  • Cosmos After-Sun Soothing Radiance Gel : Enriched with "sun effect" pearls, this jelly brings radiance and light to the face and décolleté.
  • Cosmos resurfacing emulsion: After the summer, skin exposed to the sun, wind and salt of the ocean becomes thicker. It becomes dull and imperfections appear. To avoid this "rebound" phenomenon, this fluid emulsion with a "peeling" effect, thanks to its PHA content, will smooth and refine the skin texture.
  • Cosmos pearly soft shampoo without sulfate: Thanks to its formula without sulfated surfactants, the gentle shampoo respects the fiber and scalp of the whole family, ideal after sea baths.
  • Sunset elixir face serum with marine sugar Its surprising texture suspends a regenerating oil with a thousand reflections within a transparent natural jelly rich in marine ingredients.
  • Sunrise elixir face serum cosmos : Its golden texture evocative of the Caribbean sun moisturizes and soothes the skin while providing a sensory experience.
  • Cosmos face and body moisturizer: This mobile moisturizing mist penetrates instantly to gently moisturize the face and body.
  • Cosmos body cream gel To avoid skin dryness, the gel-cream has a fresh and creamy texture, which melts on the skin without leaving a greasy film and acts in depth to limit inflamm'aging.
  • Cosmos melting body butter: This balm with its ultra-melting butter texture offers dry and uncomfortable skin a moment of pure comfort.
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site-industries-cosmetiques A concentrated individual in a lab coat examining a small jar containing a pink substance, a pioneering cosmetic innovation using natural ingredients in Brittany.

Cosmetics innovation comes naturally in Bretagne

In north-west France, Bretagne has always been a seawardlooking region with its 2,730km coastline - the longest in the country.

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