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An alternative to CBD to protect the skin

Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled Silybidiol, an alternative to the iconic CBD molecule (Cannabidiol) designed to combat the harmful effects of urban photo-pollution and promote skin health.

Silybidiol is extracted from milk thistle fruit by green fractionation. According to Givaudan Active Beauty, it offers a new holistic approach to ageing, based on the emerging concept of oxInflammation, linking oxidative stress and inflammation.

Givaudan Active Beauty recalls that the perception of skin care and aging has recently evolved, now emphasizing the importance of taking care of oneself, focusing on prevention and general well-being. 

Silybidiol protects the skin from the exposome - the set of external aggressions to which our skin is exposed, including UV rays and pollution. According to Givaudan Active Beauty, Silybidiol binds to cannabinoid receptors in the skin and activates cellular crosstalk, leading to the activation of skin defenses and detoxification pathways to effectively maintain oxInflammation balance and promote well-being.

After clinical tests against placebo and CBD, on volunteers exposed to photo-pollution, Givaudan Active Beauty claims that Silybidiol brings a drastic improvement in skin homogeneity (2.7 times better than CBD), an improvement in skin radiance (1.6 times better than CBD) as well as an improvement in volunteers' well-being (equivalent to that of CBD).

"We discovered that Silybidiol specifically activates CB2 cannabinoid receptors and offers the same benefits as the star molecule CBD. So, not only does it reduce inflammation, which improves skin tone, but it also stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, feel-good peptides that contribute to overall well-beingexplains Romain Reynaud, Research & Development Manager. This dual-action mechanism underscores Silybidiol's effectiveness in promoting healthy, radiant skin while supporting emotional well-being."

Of 100 % natural origin, compliant with ISO 16128 and compatible with the vegan claim, Silybidiol opens up, according to Givaudan Active Beauty, new perspectives for protecting and reversing the consequences of the exposome for beauty product consumers.

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