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Naturex at Cosmetagora 2018

Eliorelys combats the damage caused by blue light

Eliorelys, a cherry blossom-based active ingredient used in skincare and from Naturex's Eutectys™ range, offers effective protection against the damage caused by blue light emitted by cell phones, tablets and computers, according to the results of a new study conducted by the group.
In a comet assay, researchers found that human keratinocytes incubated with Eliorelys displayed a significant reduction in DNA damage (up to 75 %) compared with cells that had undergone no treatment. The results indicate that Eliorelys™ exerts a protective effect against DNA damage caused by blue light. The full results of this study will be unveiled at the Cosmetagora trade show in Paris (Espace Champerret, January 9-10, 2018).
It has long been recognized that exposure to UV rays contributes to skin damage, premature aging and carcinogenesis. Until recently, however, no one had considered artificial blue light to be potentially harmful. But recent studies, confirmed by Naturex's own study, have concluded that blue light can actually cause damage to cultured human keratinocytes and skin, leading to levels of skin aging similar to those caused by UVA rays. On average, we spend five hours a day in front of a screen, and 90 % of 20-65 year-olds use electronic devices every day. This means that blue light could cause widespread skin damage.
Eliorelys is extracted from cherry blossoms using an exclusive patented process based on Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent (NaDES) technology. For targeted application to the skin, this extract features a superior phytochemical profile offering protection against cellular damage caused by UV and blue light.

Fortify strengthens the Beautyfood range

At Cosmetagora, Naturex will also present Fortify - the fourth and final instalment in its Beautyfood collection of skincare products, formulated with ingredients derived from plants in the food chain. The new range includes five nutrient-rich ingredients inspired by beverages and foods: ginseng, oats, bamboo, nettle and ginger. All these ingredients are renowned for their regenerating and stimulating powers.
The ingredients in the Fortify range are sourced in accordance with Naturex's leading-edge requirements in terms of traceability and transparency. Fortify ginseng, for example, is grown on small to medium-sized farms in north-eastern China, using farming practices that make a point of preserving nature and the environment.
Working with Naturex, local ginseng growers have set up an environmental program that encourages biodiversity. Growers use manual weeding to minimize pesticide use, and plant trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

The "wow" effect of the Naturex offer

Stéphanie Puel, Director of the Personal Care Division at Naturex, explains: "Our approach at Cosmetagora will be to unveil nature's beauty secrets and showcase some of the most exciting natural active ingredients on the market today. Consumers love to be inspired by innovative beauty products offering real benefits. With this in mind, Eliorelys and the new Fortify range offer high performance and bring the "wow" effect that will surprise the end consumer."

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