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Anaē presents its new line of solid cosmetics

Specialized since 2000 in ecological accessories for toiletry and care, anaē launches a range of solid cosmetic products, accessible to all, zero waste to meet consumers looking for sobriety and back to the essentials.

Its balms, deodorants and toothpastes, made of natural and organic materials, are manufactured in a small cosmetic workshop in Brittany.

Thanks to their reusable glasses and containers signed Duralex, they sign the end of overpackaging, thus joining a zero waste lifestyle.

With its new line of solid cosmetics, anaē wanted to eliminate the superfluous. The brand chose simple, waterless manufacturing processes inspired by DIY: their concentrated and minimalist formulas highlight organic and/or naturally sourced raw materials from Brittany.

The anaē products are Cosmos certified, a demanding international standard that promotes the use of organic ingredients, processes that respect the environment and health, and the integration of the concept of "green chemistry."
This range has a clean, modern and uncluttered look and is also characterized by its transparency.
The new anaē range thus aims to democratize solid cosmetics and affirm the brand's ecological and social commitment. It makes zero waste cosmetics more accessible and saves time and money for consumers.

The anaē solid cosmetics line consists of eight products: two toothpastes, two deodorants and four body balms. In early 2023, it will welcome four new products.

Toothpastes in paste

Anaē offers a fresh toothpaste, with organic mint and eucalyptus flavors, and a bright toothpaste, with organic lemon flavors and bicarbonate. These toothpastes are formulated cold from calcium carbonate, a soft abrasive. They clean teeth thoroughly, and offer a pleasant sensation of freshness or tone. They both contain a natural foaming agent that provides a soft sensation when brushing.
These two toothpastes are packaged in Duralex table glasses well known in canteens. The cork lid can also be reused to close the glass and package spices, dried fruits...

Deodorant balms

Thanks to their melting texture, anaē deodorant balms are easy to apply and protect the armpits against the inconvenience of perspiration. Subtly scented, they have minimalist and organic formulas, enriched with soothing Breton camelina oil, shea butter and coconut oil.
They are available in two versions: the fresh version contains sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes the development of bad odors and absorbs humidity, and the gentle version, formulated without bicarbonate, with a complex of effective deodorant ingredients that respect the most delicate skin.
Both deodorants are packaged in Duralex coffee cups. The cork lid can also be reused to close the jar and pack spices, dried fruits...

Body balms

A true invitation to well-being and relaxation, anaē balms melt on contact with the skin and nourish it deeply thanks to their lipid-rich ingredients. They are economical, as a very small amount can moisturize a large area of skin.
They are made of organic Breton oils, from a first cold pressing.
The relaxing balm contains hemp oil rich in omega 3 and 6 and essential fatty acids, which gives it calming and antioxidant properties and a dry non-greasy feel.
The nourishing and sporty balms are made with camelina oil: rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 and in vitamin E, it has soothing and regenerating properties.
The three body balms are packaged in Duralex cups. The cork lid can also be reused to close the cup or as a coaster.

Eco-responsible, reusable and French containers

To push its eco-design approach to the limit, anaē has chosen eco-responsible and reusable containers for its cosmetics: Duralex glasses and cups, renowned for their sturdiness and quality.
Anaē worked in partnership with the French group to come up with three useful containers that can be used as table glasses or cups. The cork lids were custom designed in Portugal to match the Duralex design.
In addition to being eco-responsible, this packaging has a sweet nostalgic aspect: it takes adults back to childhood, and allows them to discover their age, once the balm or toothpaste is finished, thanks to the number engraved on the bottom of the container.
From solid cosmetics to drinking glass, there is only one pot

Anaē is a brand of Ecodis. The company is committed to a process of relocalization of manufacturing processes: it is building a network of Breton and local partner companies.
The products in the anaē range are thus formulated with oils from organic Breton seeds, and are manufactured in a Breton cosmetics workshop.
Anaē also encourages organic farming by promoting, whenever possible, the use of plant ingredients from organic crops. All ingredients and raw materials have been chosen with respect for the planet and the people who make the products.

Anaē is a brand of Ecodis, 100% owned by the Ecodyssée Endowment Fund, and specialized since 2000, in the design and distribution of ecoproducts to specialized stores, merchant sites and craftsmen.
It offers a range of products and accessories dedicated to hygiene and natural well-being, all designed with respect for the environment and the human being: solid cosmetics, menstrual panties, menstrual cups, washable sanitary napkins, bandages, brushes, massage gloves or cosmetic sponges...

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