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Lalique and James Turrell: Two Limited Edition Crystal Bottles

Purple Sage & Range Rider, two limited edition perfume bottles.
This collaboration gives birth to the first perfume created by an artist for Lalique.

Lalique unveiled its new collaboration with American artist James Turrell, known for creating works that challenge the public to confront the limits and magic of human perception by playing with light and space.

This is the first time the famous light artist has worked on small pieces. This unique encounter between two "light artists" is the result of more than four years of close collaboration and comes as Lalique celebrates the lOOth anniversary of its Alsace-based manufacture. The collection, which was presented at the 2022 edition of Paris+ by Art Basel, consists of 42 luminous crystal panels and two perfume bottles in limited editions of 100 pieces each. This was the first time that Lalique Art was an official partner of the famous modern and contemporary art fair.

James Turrell first imagined two perfume bottles. Fascinated by Egypt and the forms of stupas found in Asia, he was inspired by their architectural structure which make them monuments of high spiritual value where light plays an essential role.

Combining both artistic and olfactory sensibilities, the two bottles Range Rider and Purple Sage are inspired by Zane Grey's book, Riders of the Purple Sage and the artist's desire to recreate the beauty of the American West. The result is dazzling: the bottles are veritable prisms that diffuse and diffract light. Entirely handcrafted, these pieces presented a major challenge for Lalique artisans: obtaining a uniform thickness of crystal, which allows for homogeneity and the right density of color.

Working with Lalique's perfumers, Turrell has also brought to life the first perfumes created by an artist for Lalique. The first of these, Range Rider, encapsulates the natural scents of Arizona, the artist's homeland: purple sage and rubbed leather, pepper, amber and citrus. Its olfactory architecture evokes the sun-drenched ranches of the American West.

Oscillating between strength and delicacy, the second fragrance, Purple Sage, named after the delicate variety of sage that rules Arizona, offers another interpretation of Turrell's relationship with his region. With its subtle curves, the bottle pays homage to the eternal female form. The fragrance itself features a delicately fruity and musky scent that reveals notes of purple sage, mandarin orange, grapefruit and rhubarb.
The collaboration was born out of a meeting between the artist and Silvio Denz, president and CEO of Lalique, " I immediately thought that Lalique should host works by James Turrell: the place of the artist-light made sense if we think of the founder René Lalique, nicknamed "the sculptor of light". It is a profound artistic adventure that has led to a result of rare elegance and modernity. A true feat. I am both proud and very happy that this great name joins the prestigious circle of artists who have collaborated with Lalique. "
James Turrell added, " The nature of my work is the shaping of light. The Light is the material and perception is the medium. I had already heard of René Lalique but I did not know the extent of his creativity. At the Lalique factory, I was fascinated by the master glassmakers and their technical virtuosity. They are true artists. This was my first time designing perfumes and crystal pieces. The sense of smell evokes memory more than any other sense, and it is thanks to Lalique and the perfumers that I was able to create this. To create a perfume is to create the world that we have known. Like René Lalique, I seek the light and I will continue to seek it. "

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