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Aptar Beauty + Home expands the production of its Essencia collection

A world leader in the design and manufacture of solutions for the distribution of consumer products, Aptar Beauty + Home has expanded production of its famous Essencia range of fragrance pumps to meet the trends and demands of the masstige market. Essencia - a collection of versatile sprays enriched with new variants to meet demands for premiumization and durability. This elegant range is available worldwide, with manufacturing and customization in Europe, but also in America and Asia, guaranteeing maximum service by optimizing delivery times, as well as constant agility and adaptability to meet market needs.

According to Xavier Joseph, Vice President Global Marketing and Innovation, Aptar Beauty + Home " The masstige market has its own specific characteristics. Fragrance brands in this segment need accessible, longer-lasting solutions with a high-end aesthetic. Essencia is inspired by contemporary codes of prestige, guided by sustainability and reinforced by design and technical expertise. A solid industrial footprint enables us to provide this essential solution to brands worldwide. "

Essencia is the perfect answer to brands' desire to add premium elements to their fragrance collections. Multiple variations are available to satisfy all consumer desires, from sensory sprays to take-away or refillable perfume packaging. Aptar creates an authentic sensory experience, offering brands a choice of 70, 100 or 130 ml pl dosages for each actuation and a choice between classic or long-lasting spray. Essencia's elegant design and refined finish adapt to any brand image - bespoke solutions can be created with customized features and decoration on the casing, plunger or cap.

In addition to Ispray Classicj, four variations are available:

Essencia Bloom - generous diffusion for a mist of essential elegance. Bloom produces a soft, wide, continuous spray, three times as long as Classic, for an exuberant fragrance experience.

Essencia screw-on - for refillable bottles. Optimized for in-store or at-home refilling, the metal-clad plastic screw ring ensures a pleasant, silent unscrewing gesture and refined aesthetics. At end-of-life, the pump can be recycled with the glass bottle, to optimize recycling.

Essencia SPL(Super Low Profile)-an even more discreet version to suit the most streamlined designs requiring a low-height spray.

Essencia On-the-Go - Essential for discovery formats. In its On-the-Go version, Essencia is available with 10 and 15 ml bottles and a metal cap. A complete solution with a slim, elegant design, ideal for on-the-go use.

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