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Arcade Beauty replicates the experience of Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

For its new lip oil, the Clarins brand entrusted Arcade Beauty with the development of a sample capable of translating the exact experience of the product sold.
The colors pop, the shine is extreme, the lips are full and happy... Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is applied to the lips with a soft and precise gesture.
Arcade Beauty took up the challenge of integrating the applicator of the sales product in its sample in order to offer the consumer the same make-up experience. "We developed this sample to preserve the unique sensoriality of our Lip ComfortOil with a soft and cocooning applicator" explain Clarins teams.
This is a thermoformed replica of the product sold in a printed cardboard insert. Simply break off the top tip to release the foam applicator and apply the color.
The custom-designed sample is manufactured and packaged by one of the group's French sites.

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Technature's new machine: hydrogel in a jar

Technature, Europe's leading manufacturer of natural hydrogels, expands its range with the introduction of a new specialized machine for potted hydrogels.
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