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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Arcade Beauty strengthens its range of "Beauty-to-Go" mini products

Arcade Beauty is launching a global solution consisting of a mini bottle available in three applications: Ecoroll, Dady and Minidrip. The standard glass bottle can be combined with three original applicators, for three different uses, each allowing precise application and perfect dosage of the formula.

This line developed for perfumes, skincare or fluid makeup finds its place in beauty kits, promotional boxes, kits for complete cures, or travel kits.

The bottle is made of drawn glass. Its capacity varies from 1.5 to 6 ml depending on the diameter and height.

  • Ecoroll is a simplified, patented roller ball with a simple snap-on cover.
    It combines a roll on ball, in glass, plastic or metal, the application of which provides relaxation and freshness and perfectly diffuses the formula on the skin.
    Just presented on the market, this product is already seducing skincare and perfume brands in its unique mini-version.
  • Dady is based on a very innovative tigelle whose split end captures the fragrance in the bottle to increase comfort and the amount of application. This flexible rod integrates in one piece, an ergonomic gripper and guarantees a perfect closure with a simple click.

These two new products are added to the already existing version:

  • Minidrip is a miniature dropper consisting of a hoop and a dip tube topped with a flexible nipple. It adapts perfectly to care, oils, serums ...
    This offer is accompanied by a strong marketing creativity in terms of mini packaging or mini POS in order to increase the perceived value, the gift effect or the presentation in store.

These mini products are packaged in full service in the French factory of Biopack Arcade Beauty, located in Val-de-Reuil in France. The creativity of their packaging (case, card, envelope, etc.) is provided by Carestia Arcade Beauty located in Grasse.

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