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Dermalogica chooses Future by Aptar for its facial cleanser line

Future, the innovative, fully recyclable single-material dispensing solution, was chosen for Dermalogica's line of cleansing products, Special Cleansing Gel, Ultra Calming Cleanser and Clearing Skin Wash.

 "We are very proud that our partner Dermalogica has chosen Future, our single-material, all-in-one solution. recyclable, compatible with online sales, for its launch of cleansing care products". says Beth Holland, Vice-President Global Sustainability, Aptar.

In developing Future, Aptar's experts drew on recognized eco-design principles to help reduce the product's environmental footprint. The best example of recyclability is the choice of mono-material. Conventional pumps can contain a variety of materials, including metal components which can, in some cases, have an impact on the recycling process. Future is made exclusively from PE, the material most commonly used to manufacture bottles. The complete packaging, including pump and bottle (in PE or PET), is thus recycled more efficiently.

In line with Dermalogica, Aptar believes that the packaging industry must think and act in a circular economy mode. This Aptar innovation is in line with our 2025 objectives to reduce environmental impact and our commitment to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy.

 "The stakes have never been higher for the health of our planet",says Aurelian Lis, Managing Director of Dermalogica. "As an industry leader, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to have a positive impact, not only in the institute, on our customers' skin, but also on the environment. Being the first prestige skincare brand to integrate these mono-material pumps is an important Momentum that commits us to passing on a better environment to future generations."

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