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Autajon expands its UK presence with the integration of Royston Labels

Family-owned French group Autajon, a supplier of specialized packaging, welcomes a new British company: Royston Labels Ltd (80 employees, over 400 million labels produced per year). This company strengthens the group's local presence and marks an important step in its quest for excellence and growth.

Royston Label Ltd, founded in 1984 and based in the town of the same name near Cambridge, is a major player in the field of self-adhesive labels for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, wine & spirits and confiserie & specialty food industries.

At the heart of Royston's success is a technical team committed to pushing boundaries to deliver innovative new solutions afin order to enhance its customers' labels and brands. Royston is dedicated to a strong sustainability strategy afin d'offrir adapted solutions that respect the environment.

Autajon Labels Royston and Autajon Packaging Simply Cartons, the group's previous UK acquisition, will now join forces to offer a complete service, from packaging to labeling, in the UK and beyond.

Shared values of innovation, quality and customer-oriented solutions were at the heart of the Autajon Labels Royston integration. Both entities recognize the importance of staying at the forefront of industry trends and technological advances. With a deep respect for traditional know-how and a willingness to embrace cutting-edge digital technologies, the tailor-made solutions provided meet customers' packaging needs, both technically and in terms of eco-design.

"This is an incredibly exciting time for the Royston Labels team. Joining a family group that shares the same core values will enable us to continue to support our customers in their complex packaging needs. Maintaining the consistency of our customers' brands remains of paramount importance. So, alongside Autajon Packaging Simply Cartons we will combine our respective knowledge and expertise to create packaging and labeling solutions of the highest quality. We look forward to our integration into the group over the coming weeks".says Paul Clayton, Royston Labels Ltd.

"We remain fid faithful to our international development strategy with a strong local presence across all our expertise. With Autajon Labels Royston joining the Group, we are now able to work alongside our customers on all their packaging projects: coffrets, cases and now labels. We also share the same values, a taste for innovation and a perfect understanding of the environmental issues that are an integral part of tomorrow's packaging. We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the years to come."says Gérard Autajon, CEO of the Autajon Group.

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