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Saturday December 3rd, 2022
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Axium Packaging continues its development

Axium Packaging, specialized in the manufacture of PET & PP pots, bottles and caps for the hygiene-beauty and agri-food markets, is launching new investments to support the growth of its subsidiaries Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie.

Historically located in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, Axium Packaging has acquired a 22,000 m² industrial building located in Saint-Etienne.

This project of an investment of 16 million euros for the Ligurian ETI will allow the grouping on a single site of the 2 factories in order to support their development. The development of the site provides for an increase in the production capacity of Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie by more than 15%. To this expansion is added an extension of their storage solutions in line with the strategic development of the group.

This expansion of the two plants will be supported by the creation of new jobs at the new Site in St. Petersburg.

Already complementary in their plastic packaging offerings, Acti Pack and Loire Plastic Industrie will thus benefit from a merger that will strengthen their product and service offerings and their development synergy.

This growth allows us to take a further step in the implementation of our CSR approach: this new proximity will strengthen our policy of sustainable development and ecodesign in favor of reducing the environmental impact of our packaging, standardize our code of ethics for a common ethical and sustainable corporate policy and reinforce the sharing of our commitments and values with all our partners.

The extension of its two subsidiaries complements and reinforces the positioning of the Axium Packaging group established in Europe with five production sites.

This project provides for the start-up of the new injection and injection blowing production plants in December 2021 at their new Site in St. Petersburg.

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