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Seram: customizable, eco-friendly gifts are all the rage

Seram launches a collection of made-in-France pouches, with customizable fabrics and cords made from recycled fibers. The company draws on its long-standing textile expertise, combined with its multiple and innovative technological know-how. It thus reaffirms its commitment to an eco-responsible approach.
This proposal is part of a wider range of gifts, including customizable key-rings at the point of sale, which federate an interactive customer experience: the metal key-rings are adorned with a laser-cut and engraved textile patch ready to receive metallic letters to be applied manually, or hot-stamped using the Gravotech process, via an application. An attribute of luxury, Seram's customizable gifts are part of its mission to enhance brands.

Ultra-personalization at the point of sale, a turnkey solution from Seram with Gravotech
Seram has designed a turnkey POP solution that takes the form of an elegant, illuminated display. A drawer houses a metal alphabet, as well as various media that consumers can personalize. A machine Gravograph from Gravotech is positioned next to the display for hot stamping. Consumers can choose between mix & match brackets / branding to personalize your product. The whole system requires very little space.

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Modernizing your lab can improve employee retention

Modernizing your lab could be the answer to improve training, improve retention, and relieve the supply chain bottleneck.

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