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Saturday September 30, 2023
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BASF: Innovation partnership with Chinese start-up Ingredi

BASF and Ingredi, a Chinese supplier of natural active ingredients and solutions for the personal care industry, announce the signing of a partnership which includes a strategic shareholding by BASF in Ingredi.

While traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offerings are familiar to many consumers, the use of TCM-derived botanical actives is a new and growing trend in the body care sector.

Founded in 2017, Ingredi specializes in identifying new active ingredients for personal care products, derived from natural plants from the Himalayan region in China. BASF brings its expertise to help the successful use of these ingredients in personal care formulations. BASF will market these products to customers worldwide.

Ingredi has a proven track record and a solid reputation among local and international personal care formulators for introducing new active ingredients based on this tradition. Backed by a solid R&D platform and its own testing facilities (in vitro and in vivo), Ingredi has rapidly expanded its activities. BASF's shareholding now enables Ingredi to further expand its production.

In addition, BASF will work with Ingredi to develop new solutions and market them to the global personal care market.

It is a great honor for us to be appreciated by BASF as a valuable partner for the industry." said Dr Ji Zhou, President and Founder of Ingredi, China. " The partnership with BASF will enable us to benefit from BASF's knowledge of the industry and the know-how of each of our partners." .

We strive to bring new, innovative solutions to the personal care market, and to create a network of partners capable of helping our customers." said Dr Robert Parker, Director of New Business Development and Head of Digital, Care Chemicals at BASF. " We are proud to work with Ingredi and develop our business for mutual benefit." .

The partnership between BASF and Ingredi is just one recent example of how BASF's Care Chemicals division is meeting the challenges of the future. Sustainability, digitization, innovation and new approaches to collaboration are the main pillars of Care 360° - Solutions for Sustainable Life.

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