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BeautyMix, an example of collaboration between disruptive startups and major groups

BeautyMix offers a solution disruptive in the beauty sector by enabling consumers to make their own cosmetics thanks to a robot and a mobile app. To be launched in 2019, BeautyMix is booming, and has been able to count on the support of major cosmetics groups. Indeed, although the innovation proposed by BeautyMix may seem to be in direct competition with major cosmetics brands, the start-up has been accelerated by major players such as L'Oréal, Sephora and Coty. This collaboration benefits the start-up and major groups underlines the importance of cooperation between actors to encourage innovation and sustainability in the beauty sector. A look at a little-known entrepreneurial approach.

The beauty sector is constantly evolving, driven by technological innovations and new consumer trends. Numerous start-ups are emerging to provide innovative and disruptive solutions, challenging the hegemony of the major cosmetics brands. The example of BeautyMix illustrates this duality between start-ups and major groups, and invites us to explore their relationship in the cosmetics sector.

Collaboration with major cosmetics groups

The collaboration between major groups such as L'Oréal, Sephora and Coty and young start-ups such as BeautyMix may appear to be in competition, but in fact reveals a mutually beneficial symbiosis:

  • On the one hand, major cosmetics groups can leverage the innovation and agility of start-ups to anticipate trends and rapidly adapt to changing consumer expectations. By supporting start-ups like BeautyMix, major brands strengthen their market position and assert themselves as responsible, innovative players.

Let's take an example Make your own This is a real cost-saving measure. What's more, the major cosmetics groups need to take this trend into account and rethink their strategies to offer more affordable, cost-transparent products. The expertise of BeautyMix on these subjects is at the heart of its success, and collaboration with start-ups like we enables us to get closer to consumer expectations and adapt to a fast-changing market, where value for money and transparency are increasingly prized "explains Nelly Pitt - founder of BeautyMix.

  • On the other hand, start-ups benefit from the financial support, expertise and networks of major groups to accelerate their development and access new markets. Collaboration with major players in the sector also gives start-ups a certain credibility with consumers and investors.

" The relationship between start-ups and major groups in the cosmetics industry may seem ambivalent, but it's not. demonstrates a complex and mutually beneficial dynamic. By collaborating with start-ups, major brands can remain competitive and renew themselves, while start-ups benefit from the resources and expertise of established players to accelerate their growth. The case of BeautyMix illustrates this duality, and underlines the importance of cooperation between different players to encourage innovation and sustainability in the beauty sector. That's what we've taken away from the acceleration experience, which we hope will have a follow-up. ! " explains Nelly Pitt.

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