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Friday August 12th, 2022
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The CNRS mobilizes to support the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector


With a turnover of 25 billion euros, 25% of the global market share and 170,000 employees1, the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector undoubtedly occupies the number 1 position in the world. This market, in full growth and conducive to innovation, now has needs that go far beyond chemistry, needs for which the CNRS proposes to respond.

The challenges of the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector and the CNRS

Even if the formulation of cosmetic products remains at the heart of consumers' expectations (efficiency, comfort, etc.), they are increasingly looking for healthy, natural and personalized formulas and expect cosmetic brands to commit to the environment.

To meet all these expectations, the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector has set itself the challenges of tomorrow:

  • The eBeauty to design connected measurement tools, personalized cosmetics or even adapted to the evolving needs of the skin
  • The Blue Beauty movement seeking to reduce the environmental footprint by designing solid packaging and products, powder formulated without water or to use inks of plant origin
  • Naturalness to think about the organic and natural products of the future or launch sustainable plant cultivation programs for example
  • Safety, quality and traceability...

In order to support the perfumery-cosmetics sector, researchers and companies must work hand in hand. In all these areas, the CNRS, already working with a large number of French cosmetics companies, is strongly mobilized and innovative because the cosmetic issues of the future are also scientific challenges including in fundamental research. The eBeauty, for example, uses research areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, robotization, etc. The Blue Beauty movement, on the other hand, calls for innovative work on materials science to design the new packaging and containers of tomorrow.

In addition to the research carried out by its laboratories, the CNRS offers services to companies, particularly in the field of cosmetics...

CNRS Formation Entreprises: the CNRS continuing education organization

To prepare its 2022 catalogue, CNRS Formation Entreprises, the CNRS's continuing education organization since 1987, has focused on the needs of industrial sectors (as well as companies: VSEs, SMEs, mid-caps and large groups) because it is a real desire of the CNRS and in particular of its Corporate Relations Department to cross the knowledge available within its laboratories with the research challenges of the various industrial sectors.

For the Perfumery-Cosmetics sector, the organization offers 5 flagship training courses:

Also, CNRS Formation Entreprises, can organize tailor-made training, called intra-company to better adapt to the needs of companies. This solution is particularly interesting when a company needs to increase the skills of a whole (new) team or employees from different departments but having to work on the same project. There is no limit on the subject to study because the CNRS has 1100 laboratories and 90,000 research actors in all possible fields.

Find an Expert, the service for connecting companies and CNRS experts

Created in 2020, the Find an Expert service has already helped associations and major groups in French cosmetics. His role? Identify and connect actors from the economic world who request it with the CNRS expert, team or laboratory with the knowledge and know-how to help them in their reflection, idea or project.

The request may for example concern a state of the art, the search for knowledge and skills in a field (which sometimes is not the one the applicant is thinking of!), a need for characterization, to lift a technological lock, to validate an innovative idea from a technical and technological point of view...

A real gateway to the CNRS laboratories, the concept of the service is simple: you submit your application simply by filling out a form on trouverunexpert.cnrs.fr,the team contacts you again to discuss the project, specify it if necessary and start looking for the expert best able to meet the request. In two or three weeks, you will have found your "pearl"!

The strategy of Filières Industriels DRE

As part of its 2019-2023 objectives and performance contract, the CNRS has confirmed its desire to give an increasingly important place to relations with the economic world and has put in place a strategy of approach to the French industrial sectors, including that of Perfumery-Cosmetics. The CNRS is thus able to co-construct, with the actors concerned, common research roadmaps that serve as a basis for identifying, proposing and conducting pre-competitive projects in relation to the sector but also to develop bilateral or multilateral relations with companies in the sector. Thanks to the skills and know-how of its laboratories, the CNRS offers innovation and breakthrough technologies essential to conquer or reconquer market share. Under the responsibility of a pair of Scientific Referent (Prof. Richard Daniellou, Cosmetics Project Manager and Director of the Cosm'actifs Group)– Head of Industrial Cooperation (Marie Côte, PhD), this department's mission is to listen to the sector, to know the challenges throughout the value chain and to translate them into research needs in a dynamic of partnership development, benefiting from the transdisciplinary richness offered by the establishment.

Come and meet them at the Cosmetic360 show on October 13th and 14th! Or contact us at contact-filières@cnrs.fr 

To find out more about CNRS Formation Entreprises: https://cnrsformation.cnrs.fr

To learn more about Find a CNRS Expert: https://trouverunexpert.cnrs.fr

To find out more about the CNRS Corporate Relations Department: https://entreprise.cnrs.fr 

1. https://www.bpifrance.fr/nos-actualites/la-filiere-cosmetique-une-industrie-au-parfum#:~:text=Avec%20un%20chiffre%20d'affaires,ne%20cesse%20de%20se%20d%C3%A9velopper%20!

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