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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Bio-EC, Spincontrol and Genex, which are part of the Bio-EC / Spincontrol group, join the Eurofins business network

Eurofins has successfully completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Bio-EC, Spincontrol and Genex, which are part of the Bio-EC/Spincontrol Group, as part of its ambitions to expand its global offering in the field of cosmetics and personal care. The acquisition adds ex vivo objectification and cosmetogenomics capabilities and strengthens the Eurofins Group's ability to conduct ad-hoc clinical efficacy studies, emotion studies and image analyses.
By joining forces, Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care (C&PC) and Bio-EC, Spincontrol and Genex will leverage their respective expertise and capabilities to deliver creative, unique and integrated solutions for cosmetics, dietary supplements and medical devices.
The French companies are headquartered in Paris and Tours, with three locations in France and Canada, and employ 58 people.

With 24 years of experience, Bio-EC brings innovative capabilities to Eurofins, with a strong position in ex vivo models and mechanisms and in vitro toxicology services, as well as new clinical facilities in Paris and unique expertise with its own internal RAMAN. Equipped with the most sophisticated research and development capabilities and equipment, Bio-EC is involved in several research and innovation projects and channels its expertise to propose new models and methods every year.

One of the most experienced and influential companies in the industry in clinical efficacy studies, Spincontrol France and Spincontrol Canada support Eurofins Cosmetics & Personal Care's ambition to strengthen its portfolio and capture the value it brings to its customers. Well known in the market, thanks to its 31 years of experience, Spincontrol will enable Eurofins C&PC to expand its existing clinical capabilities, ad hoc testing protocols and emotion studies, open up access to internal image analysis and new shooting technologies, and bring its companies closer to local and regional customers in France and Canada.

Genex's expertise in cosmetogenomics will help Eurofins C&PC offer its customers a new monitoring of gene expression, in order to comprehensively identify the effects of products and reveal new targets and mechanisms.

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