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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Bormioli Luigi enters the makeup market


The Bormioli Luigi Group goes beyond the world of perfume and places its historical expertise in favor of make-up and skincare innovations, preferably sustainable.
Bormioli Luigi uses his know-how in the tableware industry, especially on the high technicality of the press-soufflé to reconnect with the tradition of glass makeup. In addition to a new generation of care jars, he innovates in semi-standard models of lipsticks, lipgloss and mascaras. Thanks to the partnership of plastic injectors such as the Italian company Pibiplast, the group presents a "full pack" offer whose complementarity of components aims at excellence in the make-up result. To this care and make-up offer, Bormioli Luigi adds its expertise in the customization of glass shapes and that of finishing, up to the application of specific decorations or UV protections.

A rechargeable case for the lips

This innovative model has been designed to combine aesthetics and rechargability. It is equipped with a choice of a plastic or metal hanging system. This allows the consumer to change the grapes from their lipstick at the end of their life or to alternate the shade as they wish while preserving their case.

Lipgloss, mascaras and others applications

Bormioli Luigi innovates by the complementarity of expertise between glass and plastic. This relevant association makes sense in the association of the hood with the stem, applicator and spinner and on the closing and sealing systems of the pack. The lipgloss model is applicable to other types of makeup or care products (concealers, illuminators, eyebrow treatment, eye makeup, etc.).

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