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Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Bormioli Luigi participates in the success story of Ulé (Shiseido Group)


The Shiseido group makes the event with Ulé, a new brand aimed at reasoned beauty. For her, the group has not neglected anything, from a French vertical farm for the cultivation of plants, to the choice of packaging with a reduced ecological footprint. The brand has selected jars and bottles signed Bormioli Luigi, mainly in its green collection, ecoLine.

A cosmetic for a better world

With 150 years of R&D expertise, the Shiseido Group is launching a new brand called Ulé. This one claims a healthy and reasoned beauty. Its formulas are composed of pure, fresh, high-performance extracts from plants grown on its own vertical farm.

The brand's vision breathes the entire chain, and naturally the choice of packaging and décor from recycling, recyclable, lighter, produced in Europe.

Bormioli participates in the adventure

"We have chosen industrial partners in line with our values. Bormioli Luigi helped us meet our need for identity, ethical and environmentally friendly packaging," says Lindsay Azpitarte, creator of the brand. For its creams, mist and in&out oil, Shiseido trusted Bormioli Luigi. In the ecoLine lightweight range, the Verdi bottle for the in&out oil "Avoir it All", the ecoBottle 100 ml bottle and the ecoJar 50ml jar were selected. For small formats, the Aphrodite jar in 15 ml comes from bormioli Luigi's ready-to-go product catalog.

Ecoline, a winning solution

Remember that the ecoLine turnkey collection includes a portion of PCR glass and saves up to 50% of material with a ratio of up to 80 GR of glass for a capacity of 100 ml. The products offered guarantee the same impact resistance and the high-end glass that the manufacturer selects for all its productions.

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