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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Carestia Arcade Beauty boosts its case and sample card business


To support the development of mini products within the group, Carestia Arcade Beauty, leader in perfume discovery by sample, is ramping up small cases and sample cards. The site thus meets the expectations of the brands through sharp technicality and investments to match.
Printing, folding, gluing, ultra-fine cutouts, identification of gilding…, the Carestia factory is pushing its expertise to meet the growing demand from brands for mini cardboard packs. The machine park is growing to increase technicality and encourage flexibility and competitiveness, particularly winning on small series.


Carestia supports its customers with technical and creative advice and the preliminary production of test models. The company then applies its expertise on the choice of materials, printing and finishing techniques, color development, etc.
“This case and label activity is an increasing part of our turnover. This growth phenomenon is explained by a craze for a material with a low ecological impact, the success of small series, and of course, the technical and aesthetic result offered by this type of production ”, explains Marie-Hélène Marcelli, Director of Carestia.

Future market

To support its development in this segment of sample cardboard boxes or mini products, Carestia continues to innovate and sets out to conquer new markets such as those of spirits and delicatessen.


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