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Cellcosmet: a new generation of cellular skincare, a subsidiary in the United States 

Cellap Laboratoire, home of the Swiss luxury brands Cellcosmet and Cellmen, is expanding into the United States with the establishment of a Cellap Laboratory Americas based in New York.

"The main ambition of Cellcosmet's founder was to create the most effective skin care products to revitalize the skin with the highest standards of quality. Our philosophy is based on innovation, quality, product safety, Swissness and results. By introducing Cellcosmet in the United States, our aim was to continue bringing this level of excellence to new consumers. We aim to expand our presence in the luxury skincare market through e-commerce, high-end spas, hotels, clinics and high-end department stores. At Cellcosmet, we value our community and are delighted to bring the quintessence of Swiss cosmetic science to the United States."explains Managing Director Tancrède Amacker.

Last year, Cellcosmet's scientific teams introduced a progressive alliance of two technologies: cell extracts and microbiome science. With this innovation as a catalyst, Cellcosmet introduced optimized formulations of its cellular skincare lines for men and women, containing the next generation (Gen 2.0) of its signature ingredient, CytoPep Cellular Extracts, and a new postbiotic complex. Cellcosmet continues to work on its formulas to revitalize the skin, minimize the visible traces left by time, and now protect and preserve the skin's microbiome. 

"While DNA is the code of life, proteins and peptides are the mechanism of life. Infused with multiple peptides and proteins, and rich in collagen and other skin structural proteins, CytoPep cellular extracts are the lifeblood behind skin health and rejuvenation. CytoPep cellular extracts help stimulate energy metabolism and increase cellular energy in skin cells, particularly mitochondria, to improve skin visibility and health through natural skin cell renewal and strengthen skin barrier function. This new generation of products combined with Postbiotics Complex and CytoPep cellular extracts, which we have developed to preserve the balance and diversity of the cutaneous microbiota, is proven to visibly optimize skin revitalization."explains Jérémie Soeur, Chief Science Officer.

Postbiotics Complex is made up of three ferments of marine origin which, when added to the cellular skincare formula, help to preserve and enhance skin quality. The first ferment, composed of complex molecules, acts as a protective film, shielding the skin from blue light, improving elasticity and maintaining the skin's barrier function. The other two ferments are effective in visibly lifting and firming the skin, revealing the complexion's true radiance. They also help the skin defend itself against certain environmental stress factors.

Two other rigorously selected ingredients, OleoComplex and HydraProtect Film Complex, are contained in the new Cellcosmet Gen 2.0 formulas. These additions help the skin maintain optimal hydration for a skin barrier function that effectively protects the face against the aggressive factors of daily life, including pollution and stress.

As part of this new era, Cellcosmet also offers a new sensorial experience by enhancing the texture and fragrance of its cellular skin creams. The fast-penetrating, non-greasy formulas are silky to the touch and leave skin incredibly soft. The citrus fragrance is enhanced by floral and musky notes, for a light, fresh and elegant scent on the skin.

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