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Clean Beauty: Jolimoi commits to Beautylitic

Faced with a crisis of confidence among consumers, who fear the health risks associated with cosmetic products, beauty manufacturers are reworking their formulas to guarantee transparency to consumers: the emergence of "clean beauty".

Jolimoi, a French beautytech start-up specializing in the social selling of beauty products, has teamed up with Beautylitic, a BtoB Saas platform for cosmetics analysis, to offer its customers greater clarity and transparency.

Evaluating four key criteria - health, pollution, biodiversity and product activity - the platform sets a framework to enable research labs, manufacturers and brands to develop sustainable and transparent cosmetics. 

Clean Beauty" originated in the United States, and originally refers to cosmetics that do not contain any health-controversial ingredients (parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic colorants, silicones, sulfated surfactants), explains Candice Colin, founder of Beautylitic. Oe realize that the term is sometimes used opportunistically. Some equate it with organic cosmetics, while others include products made with natural ingredients. Others include sourcing, manufacturing and environmental impact. This confusion obviously doesn't make "clean beauty" any easier to understand.

As of January 2019, Jolimoi is one of the very first companies to adopt the Beautylitic solution to analyze the beauty products distributed on its platform, and in particular their exposure to controversial substances. Products evaluated by Beautylitic are then classified into three categories, according to the composition of their formula. This classification is automatically re-evaluated (thanks to Beautylitic software) on a weekly basis to take account of scientific and regulatory developments.

"Jolimoi was the first French beauty products retailer to take the bold step of providing consumers with full transparency on the composition of the beauty products it sells, with the support of an independent partner to live up to the trust placed in it by its customers, Isabelle Rabier is delightedthe company's founder. Thanks to Beautylitic's technology, beauty stylists are better informed about product composition, and can better advise their community of customers. This pioneering choice is fully in line with Jolimoi's promise to turn the beauty industry's value chain upside down by offering more transparent, qualified and personalized information to consumers, so that they can make a more informed choice".

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