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Clever Beauty plays transparency with Sorga technology


Anti-waste varnishes that increase the quantity used by up to 20%, chemical solvents replaced by natural materials, the inclusion of disabled workers for the preparation of orders, soon a mascara 100% organic, refillable and recyclable: the start-up Clever Beauty shakes up makeup with its commitments to enhance the responsible economy. "We wanted to bring the transparency and sincerity that our customers expect," says Maëva Bentitallah, the brand's president.

A tamper-effective digital passport for every product

Clever Beauty wanted to go even further by sharing its commitments with its community of consumers from each product. It chose Sorga technology to create tamper-sensitive digital passports for each product, from where it manages its information in real time. For its customers, the passport is read on each product from the QR code reader of its smartphone without application to download or necessary identification.

Sorga technology is a low-consumption public blockchain solution developed from exclusive CNRS patents, and made available to brands by MAP Emulsion.

Technology and support

"MAP Emulsion didn't just put the technology in place for us, like far too many online solutions. It is above all a team that supports technology through its services, its business expertise in beauty and marketing",says Maëva Bentitallah.

For his part, Philippe Guguen, President of MAP Emulsion acknowledges that "this is indicative of the new generation of our customers, who are pushing us to take on several challenges. Here, the choice of the marker that opens the Sorga passport on your smartphone had to meet the environmental commitments of Clever Beauty who does not have a case to print this marker. So we chose a biodegradable sticker. Depending on the context, we adapt the marker: QR code, RFID, NFC, or even a photo fingerprint of the chaos of the material on a detail of the product for luxury brands that suffer the scourge of counterfeiting. Sorga tamper-proof digital passports can be called by a wide variety of markers produced. »

Clever Beauty chose the QR code for its universality and ease of use. With a suitable design. The Sorga marker comes in the form of an elegant diamond readable by all QR code readers. "It immediately looks a lot more on a beauty product!"admits Maëva Bentitallah.

Clever Beauty not only provides information about its commitments but also disseminates advice in its passports. "Having direct access to information, to biases from the product before buying it, is reassuring," explains Alice de Guyenro, a customer and herself an entrepreneur in Made in France. Then it's so much more convenient to have visual explanations, video tutorials at the time of using it. There is even a courier reserved for customers in the product passport. »

In addition, there are services such as the collection of notices. Maëva Bentitallah explains: "So far the reviews concern online buyers. However, it is only one product in five in France for beauty. With Sorga, I can collect reviews regardless of where the product is purchased, it is blockchain certified and I can actually dispose of it as a brand. »

Consumers therefore bring strategic feedback to Clever Beauty, to which Sorga adds useful statistics on the content that interests them, the place and date where the products are seen, etc.

To find out more, Philippe Guguen, President of MAP Emulsion gave us an interview published in our Industries Cosmétiques magazine(n°30 June 2021).

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