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U'Cosmetics Competition: 11th edition, 11 teams selected!


On March 19, the UCO Bretagne Nord in Guingamp is organizing the 11th edition of U'Cosmetics , made up of a student competition and a professional conference. The issue addressed this year is: "How does food fuel cosmetic innovation?" "

Cosmetics have often been inspired by food in industrial techniques, in active ingredients and additives, in our senses and in our daily lives. The origin of this theme expresses the fact that the ingestion of certain foods makes you more beautiful / more beautiful. Here, it comes down rather to exploiting the qualities of food (hydration, anti-oxidation) by using them in cosmetic products.

On February 13, 2020, the pre-selection for the U'Cosmetics competition took place at the premises of CBB Capbiotek in Rennes, on the theme of Cosmetofood. The members of the jury, composed of 12 professionals and actors of the cosmetics industry, met to elect from among the 11 participating schools, the 11 pre-selected projects which will compete on March 19, during the U'Cosmetics day. .

This year it is not 10 but 11 teams that have been selected for the 11th edition. In fact, two teams in the “Innovation Formulation” category obtained equal results. The members of the jury therefore unanimously decided to include an eleventh project for the final of the competition.

The teams were judged on different criteria such as creativity, sensoriality, functionality, subject knowledge and execution. The members of the jury were able to test the samples of the teams competing in the “Innovation Formulation” category.

Among the 11 finalist teams, the most innovative projects will be awarded four prizes:
Innovation Formulation Award
Innovative Concept Award
- Jury's Favorite Prize (new in 2020!)
- Philippe Collas Special Prize

In the innovative concept category, the pre-selected projects are:

- Beauty Jam, a cream based on the concept of a yogurt accompanied by fruity jellies or honey. Active jellies make it possible to modulate the cream and respond to four different skin problems: redness (raspberry active), imperfections (pomegranate active), dry skin (honey active) or dull skin (active ingredient). 'orange). The packaging consists of a glass jar containing the cream and a thick lid containing the jellies. Jellies and cream are mixed using ameasuring spoon.

- Crispy Beauty, a facial scrub inspired by a flagship aperitif product. The scrub chips will be soaked in the moisturizing jelly and this mixture will be applied to the face to form a complete skin care. Its original mode of use allows consumers to immerse themselves in a fun universe to live an original sensory experience. Crispy Beauty is the scrub that makes you crack.

- Nendo Care, a range of three solid conditioners. For optimal application to the hair, these products turn into a cream after moistening. They consist of a clay core 1 cm in diameter, where the active principle resides, and a flexible envelope to protect it. In the interest of waste reduction, these conditioners are distributed in bulk.

- Solémarô, a hand cream with a distinctive characteristicand innovative: it warms the hands! The theme of the U'Cosmetics 2020 competition being Cosmetofood, the traditional tubes of chestnut cream served as the basis of inspiration for the sensory profile and the packaging of the cream. An aluminum tube contains a heating cream enriched with chestnut flour and chestnut honey: enough to provide hydration and healing to the skin, with a warm and gourmet touch!

- U'dip a skin care kit consisting of a scrub, a mask and a moisturizer in the form of trompe l'oeil. These represent flagship aperitif products, namely: tarama, eggplant caviar and tzatziki! To go to the end of the illusion, an aperitif tray supports the jars of cosmetic to “dip”, a brush spoon to apply the product and blinis to wash the skin. The food aspect is also found in the formulation of products which contain upgraded foods from French agriculture. The ambition of this product is to provide consumers with a fun sensory experience. It is aimed at a young and dynamic population, who loves novelty. The product offered is also ethical and French.

In the Innovation Formulation category:

- Améba reinvents the image of bacteria by drawing inspiration from food industry technologies. The project team is developing organic, ethical and eco-responsible cosmetics with pre / probiotic active ingredients in order to nourish and preserve the skin flora. Intended for dry and sensitive skin, its first Oréveil range, with gourmet breakfast inspirations, combines a toning lotion with prebiotic inulin and a moisturizer with probiotic active ingredients and apple extract.

- Break & Care is inspired by the world of Cosmetofood and gluttony through its shape, composition and process. Imagined as the pleasure of the week, this hair treatment is a bath of solid oils in the form of a chocolate bar. Its melting heart contains active ingredients allowing the hair to be protected and more shiny. Its double galenic brings a new gesture of application and a unique experience to consumers.

- Fruity Chantilly is a pink whipped cream foam aerosol scented with red fruits. The mousse temporarily colors the hair pink, the color fades from the first shampoo. Fruity Chantilly is for young women and men wishing to have fancy hair coloring. It is intended to be marketed on the internet and in supermarkets. The formula is inspired by shaving foams (weak base salts), it also contains a film-forming agent to prevent transfer (PVP) and a pink pigment that does not react with the hair. The formulation is inspired by the codes of the food industry both in terms of the pack (whipped cream aerosol), the form (foam) and the pigments used (food coloring E120). According to the team leading this project, this product would be the first on the hair market, no other fleeting coloring mousse exists.

- Inspired by both the trompe l'oeil trend in the food industry and that of the “cookie dough” from the United States, “Le Cookie Doux” takes up the concept of raw cookie dough. It comes in the form of a thick and creamy mask, with its chocolate chips and its delicious smell. “Le Cookie Doux” brings softness and hydration and invites us to a real moment of cocooning and sensoriality.

- PHEA offers a range of four exfoliators for each of the seasons highlighting a seasonal fruit: in spring, an exfoliating jelly with red berries to prepare the skin for summer; in summer, a peach and apricot exfoliating sorbet to help the skin during sun damage (eg: slight sunburn); in autumn, an exfoliating cream with nuts to cleanse and purify the scalp while strengthening the hair; in winter, an exfoliating orange butter to eliminate dead skin due to dry winter air.

- Moroccan ritual Delicior is a Moroccan ritual that will be offered in large luxury hotels in France, with the aim of making customers travel. It will consist of a shower gel with an exfoliating option if the customer so wishes, a solid shampoo, a body foam and a bath ball. The innovation lies in the concept itself, by showing products made with typical foreign raw materials with the aim of making travel, with zero waste packaging, refills, single dose formats.

On March 19, 2020, the 11 selected teams will present their project in four minutes in the form of a slide show, in front of the jury, professionals and students present. Each team will also have a stand available which will allow them to present the universe of their project: product / concept. Then, the jury will deliberate on the projects in order to select the winners. The awards ceremony will take place after the round table of the professional conference, at the end of the day.

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