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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Cosfibel Premium packs Viktor & Rolf fragrances

Cosfibel produced the spring boxes dedicated to Bonbon and Flowerbomb perfumes, placing all of its expertise in particularly meticulous production of interior decorations executed in silver hot stamping.
Based on an all-cardboard carcass and a paper hinge held by 2 grosgrain ribbons, these boxes are available in 3 references respectively dedicated to Bonbon, Flowerbomb and Bloom, its summer flanker.
Inside, the wedge accommodates a bottle as well as a shower gel and a perfumed body lotion. A transparent PET insert molded to the shape of the products guarantees their retention in the hold that tamper-evident stickers preserve. On each of the boxes, the ribbon decorations are printed in accordance with the brand's universe and the plastic seal is affixed by hand.

Bonbon, la vie en rose

Dressed in printed polyester paper, this model has a rounded lid. The ribbons are made in reserve and embossed. The wedge and the inside of the lid are printed with hot stamped candy designs.

Flowerbomb and Bloom, pearl pink
Treated on a similar model, these two boxes have a lid punctuated with edges. They are dressed in pink coated paper covered with a beaded varnish that gives them their iridescent appearance.
The size and finesse of the decorations on the lid and hold of the Flowerbomb box set reveal cosfibel Premium's know-how.


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