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Cosmébio publishes its new manifesto

Cosmébio, the professional association dedicated to natural and organic cosmetics since 2002, has chosen to make 2021 a pivotal year in its commitments. To this end, the association is announcing the publication of its new Manifesto, which sets out the developments, commitments and values asserted by its member companies, with the aim of going even further to protect health and the environment.

Since its creation, the Cosmébio association has been evolving and expanding: today, Cosmébio brings together 60 % of the organic cosmetics brands on the French organic market, i.e. nearly 480 members.

New environmental issues and challenges have arisen in recent years, prompting the Cosmébio association to engage in in-depth reflection in order to take more effective action. With this in mind, at the start of 2021 it is publishing a new manifesto, the fruit of joint reflection with the sustainable development agency Utopies, with the aim of reaffirming the founding values shared by all members and maintaining its position as the benchmark label in the organic cosmetics market.

"This Manifesto 2021 was born of the desire to take our fundamental actions a step further. It will enable us to highlight our commitments: in this new opus, they are revisited, more committed, more up-to-date. These are the commitments that will change the world of cosmetics, and encourage new consumers to be more attentive in their choice of cosmetics. More than anything, with this Manifesto, we want to highlight the values of the association and show the full force of our approach to achieving even more ethical formulation and production of organic cosmetics".says Romain Ruth, President of Cosmébio.

"In a world where challenges are accelerating, organic cosmetics are more than ever part of the solution. Working organically is already an achievement that should be highlighted and defended. The fact that the benchmark association, a pioneer in organic cosmetics, has decided to renew and assert its commitments, to take on issues of health, climate, biodiversity and fair relations, takes its demands even further. Where we expect those who continue to blaze new trails".says Elisabeth Laville, founder of the independent Utopies agency, a pioneer in France in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Through its Manifesto, Cosmébio aims to modernize its charter and maintain its position as a forerunner thanks to its commitments:

1. Guarantee safe and effective cosmetics by choosing natural formulations and eliminating risky and controversial petrochemical ingredients.

2. Act in favor of organic farming, in the service of restoring biodiversity and in response to climate disruption, through a reasoned choice of raw materials by rigorously following specifications

3. Improve the environmental footprint of products throughout their life cycle, from harvesting to packaging. This commitment will enable us to rethink our manufacturing, production and transport processes.

4. Building fair relationships at all stages and with all players in the industry: Cosmébio gives priority to local relationships in order to promote national and even regional know-how.

5. Communicating transparently on both advantages and dilemmas: Cosmébio provides its expertise in full transparency on product composition and ingredient traceability.

6. Advance the Cosmébio label and strengthen regulations, either internally or by joining forces with other organizations and labels.

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