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CosmeticDays 2018, the reference conference dedicated to essential oils

CosmeticDays 2018 is the scientific, technical and regulatory conference dedicated to Essential Oils in cosmetics, medical devices, biocides and aromatherapy.
The fourth edition will be held on June 21 and 22 in Avignon, and will, as every year, bring together over 250 participants, including players from the cosmetics industry (academic researchers, CEOs, R&D, marketing, regulatory, etc.) as well as from other sectors.

Essential oils have experienced considerable growth in less than 10 years, driven by people's enthusiasm for natural health, beauty and food solutions. According to Market Research Reports, the global essential oils market is expected to grow by 9.60% by 2022, reaching a value of US$27.49 billion, mainly thanks to aromatherapy applications.
The European market for essential oils is expected to grow by 8.80% over the same period. France is both a major producer (60% of European lavender and lavandin production) and the main consumer market in Europe.

At the same time, controversies are emerging over the safety of essential oils in the event of misuse, the scope of the claims made for them, and their future in people's wellness and daily care arsenal.

The program of 22 conferences has been defined by a scientific committee of industry experts. Lectures will be given by leading professionals in their fields. They will cover :

The 5 applicable regulations
- Overview of regulations in Europe. The case of Canada. Hélène Chaumont - Puressentiel
- Marketing authorizations for essential oil-based biocidal products. Sophie Aviron - Violet - Staphyt
- Food supplements and essential oils: adapting to new regulations. Violaine Chaumont - RNI conseil
- REACH regulations. Charlotte Bringer-Guerin - CIHEF

Counterverses and media
- Controversies in aromatherapy books . Dominique Davenne - Rennes University

Consumer safety

- Everyday aromatherapy: How do the French use essential oils? Nicolas Dornic - LERCCo
- Toxicology of essential oils. Patrice Rat - Paris Descartes University
- Essential oils and allergen assessment: IDEA project. Charles Laroche - IFRA Europe
- Essential oils and allergies: health impacts, epidemiological data. Marc Vocanson - INSERM
- Essential oils and asthma. Pr Michel Aubier - Paris Diderot Faculty of Medicine
- Neurotoxicity of essential oils. Pr Robert Anton - University of Strasbourg
- The endocrine actions of essential oils: regulation? disruption? Jean - Marc Giroux - COSMED
- Content/container compatibility issues (plastics, pumps, seals, etc.) Florence Roullet and Martin Foe - APTAR

Marketing and health claims
- Creation of a consortium on essential oils. Jean-Marc Giroux - COSMED
- Essential oils: European case law on cosmetics, medical devices and medicines. Sylvie Gallage - ALWIS - Hogan Lovells law firm
- Clinical applications: Essential oils in the hospital. Dr. Françoise Couic Marinier

 Future developments

- Overview of French Essential Oil production and market. Alix Courivaud - France Agrimer
- Panaroma on new extraction technologies and their impact on the composition of essential oils. Farid Chemat - University of Avignon
- Quality evolution of essential oils through varietal evolution. Bert Candaele - CRIEPPAM
- Sourcing new essential oils: mastering sourcing, organic quality, sustainable development (action in Tarn and Madagascar). Alexandre Panel - Pierre Fabre
- New phytosanitary applications. Rodolphe Vidal - ITAB
- Pesticides in essential oils. Yoann Fillatre - Former ERINI Project Leader

 A stand area
CosmeticDays 2018 offers a booth area to allow PM E, Startups, public research laboratories, major groups, to present their challenges, their know-how and the latest innovations on essential oils .
CosmeticDay s 2018 are aimed at own brands, laboratories, marketers, distributors, producers, safety assessors, consulting companies who wish to master all the issues surrounding essential oils .
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