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Cosmogen and Boiron join forces for a restorative and relaxing effect

CBD by Boiron roll-on gel is designed to help soothe and relax everyday tensions, as well as relax muscles. Squeeze'n Roll by Cosmogen's removable stainless steel roller massager enables easy self-massage of hard-to-reach areas.

Squeeze'n Roll is part of the Squeeze'n range from Cosmogen, a manufacturer of innovative application solutions. It features a patented applicator tip with on/off rotary closure, enabling the formula to be dispensed (on), applied and the applicator washed (off).

The Squeeze'n range, available in micro, mini, regular and maxi formats, is designed with separable elements for sorting and recycling. In particular, the applicator can be reused on a new tube. This range can be made from recycled plastic.

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site-industries-cosmetiques A vibrant advertisement for Croda Beauty featuring a close-up of orange flowers with a blurred background effect and the text "Croda Beauty, intelligent science to improve life" now includes Phytess.

Phytessence™ Osmanthus, the first geo-skincare botanical extract by Croda Beauty

Discover how this innovative natural ingredient helps the skin to better face climate change, particularly the harmful effects of sun rays and heat.
site-industries-cosmetiques A concentrated individual in a lab coat examining a small jar containing a pink substance, a pioneering cosmetic innovation using natural ingredients in Brittany.

Cosmetics innovation comes naturally in Bretagne

In north-west France, Bretagne has always been a seawardlooking region with its 2,730km coastline - the longest in the country.

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