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Monday, November 28, 2022
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Cosmogen strengthens its offer of environmentally friendly solutions

Expert in application solutions, Cosmogen has launched new packaging and applicators from PCR, natural and bio-based materials and FSC wood, while reducing their quantity or offering refillable packaging. The PCR line and the partnership with Qualiform testify to this approach.
At the same time, PYC, a subsidiary of the Cosmogen Expansion group, has developed 6 ranges of airless bottles labeled Ecocert. The brand will also facilitate supplies by setting up its own logistics platform in France.
These offers are part of a strategy of triple social, environmental and economic performance, embodied and supported by a responsible and visionary innovation policy, in line with the deep motivations of both employees and customers of Cosmogen and PYC.

PYC-Europe offers its ranges of turnkey PCR airless bottles. Depending on the model, the parts that can be produced in PCR are the base, the body, the hoop and / or the cover. This can represent up to 87% of the total weight of the vial. PYC offers two standard mixtures according to the customer's choice: 35% PP PCR - 65% virgin PP, or 50% PP PCR - 50% virgin PP.
This eco-responsible approach, echoing market expectations, facilitates and accelerates the development of its customers' products by providing an immediately operational solution. PYC-Europe will soon have a logistics platform in Europe in order to streamline procurement processes.

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