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Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Coverpla signs the bottles of perfume La Chênaie in an eco-responsible spirit


The brand La Chênaie, born from the discovery of the antioxidant virtues of oak as the origin of a "global beauty", has launched two toilet waters in the same vein, Black Oak and White Oak. Coverpla has been entrusted with the development of the two packaging, vials and hoods, pump and pump cover.
Nourished by the exceptional properties of oak, proven in vitro and patented, inspired by the strength and longevity of this century-old tree, La Chênaie has given birth to a masculine fragrance called Black Oak. Then came his female alter ego, also composed by the master perfumer Calice Becker. Both are infused with a piece of wood called a douelle, used to make barrels. He's defied with smoky, roasted, vanilla accents.

Black or white, the packaging is signed Coverpla

If Black Oak displays the strong and willing shoulders of the Madison by Coverpla bottle, White Oak holds its softness from the cylindrical shape of the Maeva bottle, and from its lase glass at the request of a nude hue. The two oak hoods were designed and developed by Coverpla with a European partner. The brand chose this material for its reference identity and veins whose design makes each piece unique. In the women's version, the hood adopts a white hue with a powdery touch, while the men's hood is inspired by Coverpla's Carrement model. It is made of wengé pedunculate oak. Both scents are marketed in 50 ml format.
Coverpla took over the development of these two products, providing the pump and pump cover for each.
In an eco-responsible spirit, the brand has designed a case made of FSC certified cardboard, printed with bio-based inks, derived from naturally renewable materials, and therefore recyclable.

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