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Tuesday October 3, 2023
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Creapharm Cosmetics strengthens its industrial tool: new eco-responsible packaging solutions

For many years, Creapharm Cosmetics, a manufacturer of custom cosmetics, has made naturalness the spearhead of its formulation laboratory.
Anticipating the needs of the cosmetics industry, CREAPHARM continually offers new cosmetics ranges, with pre-developed formulas in line with consumer trends. Solid cosmetics, for example, have enriched the product portfolios of many Creapharm customers. In addition, our experts have recently been working with brands to reformulate their products for ever greater naturalness.

Durability: the Formule + Pack duo

But every formula needs to be packaged! Packaging is also a sustainable development issue.
In 2022, Creapharm Cosmetics invested in a new packaging machine dedicated to the automatic filling of aluminum tubes.
A packaging machine capable of processing more durable, 100 % recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials, while guaranteeing excellence in terms of production lead times.

An aluminium tube filler, the choice of machine

- Technology: automatic filling and closing of aluminum tubes by bending with metal head closure
- Quality: designed to take care of products during the packaging process
- Flexibility: optimized tool changeover and cleaning for rapid production changeovers (new product or new format).
- CSR: a machine designed and manufactured in France by a supplier committed to sustainable beauty. The machine Creapharm has invested in is designed to last. All arguments in line with Creapharm Group's Purchasing Charter and CSR Charter.

Caroline Serafini, Manager of the Creapharm Cosmetics site in La Neuville-en-Hez, near Paris, confirms:
" Because one of Creapharm Cosmetics' strong commitments is to offer brands turnkey solutions that meet the challenge of sustainability, we are proud to propose a coherent offer, from the formulation to the packaging of these cosmetic products: formulas with a very high level of naturalness in the most eco-responsible packs possible.
Brands are looking for products that reflect the right balance between naturalness and technology, and the acquisition of this new aluminum tube filler will enable us to meet their needs.

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