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Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Croda receives the "ICIS Surfactants Award for Sustainability"

Croda International Plc celebrates receiving the "ICIS Surfactants Award for Sustainability" which rewards their commitment to sustainable development with their pioneering ethylene bio-oxide plant.
Croda, a manufacturer of high performance ingredients and technologies, was chosen for their ethylene bio-oxide plant at their Atlas Point site in the United States. This plant will allow the manufacture of ethoxylates 100% of bio-based origin and will be the first of its kind in the United States. Called "ECO", the surfactants from this plant will be 100% of renewable and bio-based origin, and will have a lower carbon footprint than ingredients derived from petrochemicals, while maintaining identical performance.
The ceremony, held at the ICIS World Surfactants Conference, recognizes excellence and innovation in the surfactants industry. The sustainability award targets the contributions of a product, process or supply chain. Surfactants, and more specifically ethoxylates, are used in a whole range of different markets, from cosmetics and detergents to lubricants and plant protection, all meeting increasing consumer demands for products with a higher bio-based content. high while maintaining their effectiveness. This new ECO range replaces the use of ethylene oxide derived from petrochemicals with a bio-ethanol derivative from corn.
Terry Thistlethwaite, Vice President Sustainability at Croda commented: “This award highlights yet another example of our commitment to provide our customers with the ability to meet growing consumer demand for more environmentally sustainable products and of bio-based origin. Sustainable development is an integral part of our activity and this new plant is a demonstration of this commitment to invest in innovative and sustainable solutions ”.

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