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Opposite air jet micronization of powders

Opposed-jet micronization is the combination of two operations: grinding proper, which consists in reducing the size of particles by collision between them, and classification, which selects only those particles that have reached the target particle size.

Such a process enables ultra-fine powders to be obtained from products of all hardnesses, sensitive to temperature and with virtually no contamination.

This is why it is used in a wide range of industries: food, cosmetics, minerals, chemicals, aeronautics and pharmaceuticals.

For over 20 years, SDTech has devoted its efforts to shaping fine powders. The company uses state-of-the-art technologies to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of grinding fineness and precision, particularly on a large scale.

It is equipped with an industrial-scale opposed-air micronizer: the Hosokawa Alpine 630 AFG mill (with a capacity of several tons/day).

Such equipment offers many advantages:

  • a response to the strict requirements of raw products (hardness, abrasiveness, heat sensitivity, etc.)
  • maximized fineness of micronized powder (down to less than 5µm)
  • autogenous micronization (operating without the use of grinding media)
  • durability against wear and tear
  • automated operation
  • a multi-sector application
  • optimized energy consumption.

SDtech's expertise

Piloting and operating a micronizer with opposed air jets is complex and requires a great deal of expertise. Numerous control parameters will influence the particle size of the finished product, production throughput and energy consumption.

SDTech masters the whole of this triptych, offering highly technical services that the company can validate on laboratory and pilot scale before launching on industrial scale.

Our engineers combine their knowledge of materials with their expertise in micronization processes, to support SDtech customers in the shaping and production of the finest powders.

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