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Eastman's Cristal One, resins used in FusionPKG packaging

Eastman announced the launch of Eastman Cristal One, a line of Resin Identification Code 1 (RIC1) resins designed to meet the rigorous requirements of thick-walled packaging for luxury cosmetics. These innovative products are the first RIC1 materials to produce clear jars up to 12mm thick.

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FusionPKG, an Aptar Beauty + Home company, is launching several new products using Cristal One as well as other sustainable resins from Eastman's Cristal Renew line with high levels of certified recycled content. Cristal One will also be available as Cristal One Renew with up to 50 % of certified recycled content generated by Eastman's molecular recycling technologies. These products provide both certified recycled content and RIC1 recyclability while giving brands the design freedom they need.

"With Cristal One recyclable resins and the broad portfolio of Eastman Renew materials, FusionPKG can now offer a more sustainable solution without compromise across its extensive portfolio, said Daniel Campbell, senior sustainability and packaging engineer, FusionPKG. What's really remarkable about these resins is how they allow us to create the crystal clear, premium packaging we're known for, while supporting key sustainability initiatives for our brands." 

FusionPKG is launching five of its distinctive custom packaging designs with Eastman's Cristal line, including the Max Out series. The Space Max collection includes an airless bottle, a modern ampoule dropper, an atmospheric bottle and a bottle with a "crowbar" applicator in Cristal Renew, as well as a skin care jar in Cristal One.

Through FusionPKG BeautyLab, FusionPKG's turnkey division, the company can create innovative formulations to provide a total solutions approach. FusionPKG also plans to work with brands to develop custom packaging using the full line of Cristal Renew with certified recycled content and Cristal One.

"We are thrilled to be working with FusionPKG to launch Cristal One and Cristal One Renew. FusionPKG's sleek, cutting-edge design sensibility was exactly what we were looking for to bring an entirely new product to market, said Tara Cary, market development manager for cosmetics and personal care at Eastman. With the Cristal One portfolio, we are able to bring together the best of both worlds - recycled and recyclable - while delivering the superior performance that innovative brands and design houses like FusionPKG demand for their packaging today." 

Cristal One meets California/ASTM guidelines for RIC1 designation and has achieved APR Critical Guidance recognition for recyclability. Additional recognitions are under review and will be available soon. The Cristal One line includes Cristal One, Cristal One Pro and Cristal EN, as well as corresponding Renew materials, providing brands with options to meet a wide variety of application needs for skin care and color cosmetics with wall thicknesses up to 12 mm.

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